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When the rescue of a kidnapped CIA operative leads to the discovery of a deadly terrorist plot against the U.S., a team of SEALs is dispatched on a worldwide manhunt. As the valiant men of Bandito Platoon race to stop a coordinated attack that could kill and wound thousands of American civilians, they must balance their commitment to country, team and their families back home. 'Act of Valor' uses active duty U.S. Navy Seals as actors. The characters they play are fictional, but the weapons and tactics used are real. 'Act of Valor' hits theaters February 17, 2012 Trailer courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.

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Amber Arakelian (el 10/04/14 a las 3:54 am)
all of you can hate all you want, how about you try being a navy seal.... 
The Thrashing Spy (el 20/04/14 a las 10:18 pm)
Great movie but I wish Americans could learn how to spell
Leonardo Monday (el 10/12/14 a las 9:56 pm)
underwhelming ... expected so much more of this movie : P but to be fair it was a tight budget.
Battlefield Colonel (el 02/07/14 a las 2:31 am)
I can see we have a lot of people here criticizing this movie... 1. "This film is a recruiting ad" (Propaganda) Well this isn't, it's mean to show the public what the military does and how they operate. 2" Other special forces are better than the SEALS" Every branch and every special force has their own advantages and disadvantages, so they cannot be compared. 3." The people in the U.S. are dumb and too patriotic" I am not American, but i have lived here most of my life and I love and support this country. Being patriotic doesn't mean to follow your government blindly. It means you love and support your country, and that is exactly what everyone should do. 
Alannbitchh (el 21/05/14 a las 5:59 pm)
So basically it's a massive recruitment ad with shit acting because the people in it aren't real actors?
Area51ZeroX (el 27/11/14 a las 9:54 am)
i came here to watch a trailer and to see if its worth the watch but yet i get stupid people arguing over nothing in the comments, if you dont have a review solely about this film please just gtfo! Nobody wants to read that shit, if you dont have anything good to say then dont say it at all.
Mishkin Peden (el 30/10/14 a las 11:21 pm)
I think many of the USA's military personel are brave. I am not from the USA. I was blessed to spend time with 22 US mariens in east Africa for 4 years. Some of the greatest people I have met. I dont always agree with how the US uses thier power. Beleive me, I can't always agree with how my own country, Canada, does things. Sadly, I hate to see "realistic" movies glorify war. Don't get me wrong, I love many war movies. Solders stories should be told to honour them, not for PR and as a recruitment tool. It is easy to see the difference between movies that tell a story so that we understand, and movies that try and build public support. I call it the "America, F@#* Ya!!" factor.
Martin So (el 07/07/14 a las 7:08 pm)
If people think this is propaganda then that means call of duty is propaganda too 
CliffJumpingProd (el 27/10/14 a las 8:43 pm)
you either praise the navy seals or pick up a gun yourself...
kisscola (el 06/06/14 a las 12:28 am)
may i ask how this goes conform with the secrecy of their identities? a german special operator would never ever show his face. when these guys are active duty seals, like it's said in the trailer... the good luck keeping their identities... or am i wrong?

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