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Banshee Moon (el 01/05/15 a las 5:19 pm)
I can't believe, I havn't seen this movie! Definately looks like it would keep me on the edge!
Jordan Park (el 05/01/15 a las 9:56 am)
My bro who was in the Marines loves this movie so much, in his opinion this is as real as it gets; and not some ''cool guy w/ an mg shooting at everything w/out being hit''.
Malitha Perera (el 06/05/15 a las 6:06 pm)
Good movie. In our life time there are so many unknown people who have sacrificed their lives for us to live another day. Maybe all of us must show some gratitude, I'm sure they deserve that at the least.
Hi Hello (el 08/03/15 a las 1:18 pm)
This movie inspired me. I might not even go into the military. But the last words of the movie have a strong message. I guess its too bad that I found the Tecumseh poem through a movie and not in my own researches. But the way it was said, and the context of it, literally changed my life. I was always looking for meaning in life and what my purpose is. "Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people.". I will not die with regrets. I will live my life in such a way that I can change the world for the better and I WILL do just that. I really dont give a shit what some people think about me getting advice from a movie/poem, but it changed my life and I will sacrifice everything, whether it be comfort or love so that I can serve society in an important way. I dont care about day to day happiness, or whats happening right this moment, I only care about making a positive impact on the world. So yeah, call this movie propaganda and all that shit, I dont buy it. It was a message to all people from all walks of life to sacrifice something for your people, and to not be motivated by materialistic greed and power.
CliffJumpingProd (el 27/10/14 a las 8:43 pm)
you either praise the navy seals or pick up a gun yourself...
fasteXChecker (el 03/03/15 a las 12:17 am)
USA - unable to win a war since 1945 :D But ... good job guys ... KSK best special ops team on the world, navy seals said ... but ... ok
Bart ek (el 12/02/15 a las 8:39 pm)
Very good film!!! I recomended it for all people.
Battlefield Colonel (el 02/07/14 a las 2:31 am)
I can see we have a lot of people here criticizing this movie... 1. "This film is a recruiting ad" (Propaganda) Well this isn't, it's mean to show the public what the military does and how they operate. 2" Other special forces are better than the SEALS" Every branch and every special force has their own advantages and disadvantages, so they cannot be compared. 3." The people in the U.S. are dumb and too patriotic" I am not American, but i have lived here most of my life and I love and support this country. Being patriotic doesn't mean to follow your government blindly. It means you love and support your country, and that is exactly what everyone should do. 
iamdullboy (el 11/04/15 a las 2:09 am)
damn :/ if the navy would hire engineers from college ! i am in then !!!!
Lee Denney (el 17/05/15 a las 10:00 pm)
Great movie! But terrible acting.

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