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Jonathan Bronco (el 05/07/11 a las 12:59 am)
@MrMoRahman Again with you on these Dai Vernon videos. The guy brought close up magic into a new generation and Criss Angel cons people with camera tricks and stooges. He can't even keep a simple stage show running.
josh themagicman (el 04/03/11 a las 9:04 pm)
beautiful. Love it. Thanks so much.
ubberJakerz (el 27/11/09 a las 7:08 pm)
john is runner up ;)
spraqmagic (el 19/06/11 a las 6:27 pm)
He is one of my idols. An amazing magician. Check out my video of his poker demonstration.
Dustin Dunbar (el 26/05/11 a las 11:10 pm)
that last trick was unreal omfg
PaulTheillusionist (el 30/09/11 a las 5:51 am)
Dai Vernon is an inspiration!
eXisentZ (el 28/08/11 a las 12:54 am)
That's The Professor for you! The best magician ever!
in other news (el 14/03/11 a las 9:17 am)
@1.56 That guy's expression is so freaking hillarious. He's tired of getting fooled.
11TimeOut11 (el 24/04/10 a las 2:34 pm)
@lhocus Is that the bottom deal? Looks like second deal to me, Anyhow it's as clean as it gets.
Allan Rasco (el 05/02/11 a las 9:30 am)
I'm glad I got to sit and learn from Dai. When I first met Dai (1977), I was a young man in my 20's just getting into magic. It was humbling to be blown away by an 83 year old. He was very willing to talk with you or show you anything. And he was especially willing to tell you what you were doing wrong! (hehe) I tell you, even in his late 90's (he lived to be 98) he would blow you away!

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