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Moon Clint Mansell 2009 An exceptional soundtrack from a terrific film

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Subido: 17/08/09 a las 10:25 pm
Autor: PoeticProse22

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Nick Barton (el 09/11/13 a las 3:56 pm)
Soundtrack for the Weekend! With Gravity out on UK screens this week, it brought to mind another great modern sci-fi movie, Moon, directed by Duncan Jones and beautifully scored by the great Clint Mansell. Its main theme is incredibly haunting. Enjoy! Clint Mansell - Moon OST #1 - Welcome to Lunar Industries
Ivan Ramos (el 31/03/14 a las 4:13 am)
A great soundtrack for an amaizing film.
dante smith (el 19/04/14 a las 1:33 am)
one of my favorite movies and soundtracks best movie ever well we'll have to see Godzilla first to determine
Quality Control (el 12/04/14 a las 5:01 pm)
man,this song is hypnotic.i've been listening it for 2 hrs for now...
Jonathan Cordeiro (el 08/04/14 a las 7:07 pm)
Watched Moon last night. Great film with an awesome soundtrack.
harrow86 (el 01/01/14 a las 8:18 pm)
David Bowies son made this film! 
Πάνος Τ (el 02/12/13 a las 9:31 pm)
respect to this excellent movie,respect to this amazingly claustrophobic and haunting score!!
mitsig4n (el 10/01/14 a las 3:16 pm)
This composer is enormous
Joel Porcaro (el 17/12/13 a las 10:28 pm)
this fit the feynman series video so well
Surinder Bhomra (el 06/12/13 a las 2:10 pm)
Clint Mansell's score to Moon. A simple and amazing soundtrack. #Moon #ClintMansell 

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