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Born of Hope is an independent feature film inspired by the Lord of the Rings and produced by Actors at Work Productions in the UK. Thanks to Chris Bouchard and the H4G team for putting the film here. For more films by the makers of this and BoH extras please visit. ActorsatWork Check them out for more videos regarding the film including the audio commentary. A scattered people, the descendants of storied sea kings of the ancient West, struggle to survive in a lonely wilderness as a dark force relentlessly bends its will toward their destruction. Yet amidst these valiant, desperate people, hope remains. A royal house endures unbroken from father to son. This 70 minute original drama is set in the time before the War of the Ring and tells the story of the Dúnedain, the Rangers of the North, before the return of the King. Inspired by only a couple of paragraphs written by Tolkien in the appendices of the Lord of the Rings we follow Arathorn and Gilraen, the parents of Aragorn, from their first meeting through a turbulent time in their people's history.

Canal: Film & Animation
Subido: 11/12/09 a las 8:59 pm
Autor: LOTR Prequels

Duración: 11:25
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Tadeáš Čop (el 09/11/14 a las 7:15 pm)
Alyssa P. (el 06/09/14 a las 5:11 am)
Woah woah woah... How are there 28 million views when there are only 7 thousand ppl in the world?
Clash of Clans | MCH GaMinG (el 25/09/14 a las 7:22 am)
At the sart i can see this movie sucks!
Ozymandias (el 05/09/14 a las 5:09 am)
This movie touched me. I mean it. I love Middle-earth and this was clearly made with a love for Tolkien's works and a respect of Peter Jackson's. I was amazed at how excellent the writing was and the acting was superb. Never cheesy or over the top. It felt exactly like Middle-earth should. Thank you for this, it is a gift truly appreciated.
belongaskip (el 17/10/14 a las 8:20 pm)
I'm sure this movie is a most worthy effort but it just seems utterly shit in comparison to PJ's movies.
Jody Wilson (el 02/10/14 a las 11:04 am)
Im not sure tolkien had earings on the heirs od isildur
Charles Jones (el 31/08/14 a las 6:25 am)
I learned tonight that this existed and immediately came to view this made for internet film. My initial interest was in Elladan and Elrohir, for I am a huge fan of the elves. However, I found this an example of a Labor of Love and an homage to J.R.R. Tolkien by devoted fans. It is well made, well acted, and received by me with immense gratitude. For every loving depiction, true to Tolkien's lore adds to our enjoyment. I Thank everyone who played any part in the making of this Film. I recommend it highly and without reservation. I Hope to see similar works come forth in the future, perhaps some focusing more on Glorfindel, Elrond, Elladan, and Elrohir, oops, and of course Arwen.
Castiellya Lawson (el 17/11/14 a las 7:16 am)
so much better than the 60s soviet union hobbit movie and the animated cartoons.(and I should know about the ssr one, the version on youtube is parody subbed but I spea Russian, ur not missing any.)god I love Tolkien and his world......came here because of the elves, stayed because of my own rabid lotr fangirling
HelfyreTwilight (el 26/10/14 a las 11:36 am)
I really enjoyed this, as a LotR fan. I read the books years before the films came out and cheered enthusiastically when I saw the trailer a year (or two?) before The Fellowship of the Ring. My critique of the film: Sound; the action sequences were loud. That may be purposeful due to the attention-garnering tactics in an attempt to make it seem more intense. Conversely, all of the dialogue scenes were WAY too quiet, I thought something was wrong with my speakers, I could barely hear the actors speaking with the volume turned all the way up (which I never do to prevent them from blowing out). The volume of the background music was in between both aforementioned volumes (ad therefore also too loud). IMO the volume of each should be: Action loudest, but only a few decibels above dialogue and NEVER so when there is dialogue during the action. Background music should be a decibel just beneath the dialogue, except where appropriate to more strongly convey the scenes emotion where appropriate. Writing/Directing; The love triangle Elbereth (forgive my spelling I may have her name wrong) was involved in (both between her and Arathorn and her male friend) was interesting in terms of dramatic tension but could have been done without as it was entirely too predictable. From a tactical standpoint, and I know this wasn't intentional, however this is what happened: Galryne got Elbereth killed. If she hadn't decided to "help" Elbereth may have survived the orc attack because Elbereth literally spent half her energy and focus trying to keep the foolish woman alive, which is depicted five seconds after she emerges from hiding. She was squeamish and cringing holding a blade, she had NO business doing so. In my opinion it made her character slightly less likeable. Yes, people make mistakes but before that moment she was not depicted as a fool. She had a blade and was inside as a last-man-standing if Elbereth fell outside. Arathorn's death seemed like it was trying too hard to look like Boromir's death in Fellowship, which completely broke my suspension of disbelief. It was very dramatic and cool in Fellowship, but something different should have been done for Arathorn. Example, he could have fought with the orc head-on and after defeating the orc, succumbed to his wounds. This would be both honorable and believable. On top of that it was completely overshadowed by Elbereth's death in acting. Arathorn, a seasoned warrior, would have known YOU DO NOT PULL ARROWS OUT OF YOUR BACK on the battlefield! You break them off and leave the heads in until you find help or you could do worse damage and bleed out. If his lung was punctured, which is what it seemed to have been, it is unlikely he’d have survived long enough to say goodbye at the end, much less talk. If it didn’t hit his lung…or his heart…he may have lived. Critique aside, this is an EXCELLENTLY done film! The acting for the most part was really good, the costuming was superb for a low-budget, the writing was very well done, directing of the action sequences and cutting of the film both were great and it was all done with a superb love and dedication of Tolkien’s original work. This is a very good addition to the LotR series! I would love to be a part of projects such as these. Alas, I'm in North America. Hats off to Actors at Work!
SirOrrin Freeman (el 27/08/14 a las 1:36 am)
What about Rohan, and Gondor! couldnt they assist the Dunidin?

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