The most ridiculous poker hand ever



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As seen on Campeonato Nacional PokerStars TV show at LaSexta in Spain, this is one of the most ridiculous poker hands ever played. Visit for further comments.

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Subido: 09/03/11 a las 2:42 pm
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tattaslayer (el 01/08/14 a las 2:56 pm)
At 1:57 is says the guy with the three nines has a 86% chance of winning. But why? Can somebody explain this to me? Doesnt the guy with the three J have better cards?
Spiderman (el 29/05/14 a las 7:35 pm)
neither of these idiots had any fucking clue what the fuck was going on... they need to go find their lawnmowers
iAgentLu (el 11/08/14 a las 6:48 pm)
Nothing to watch here folks, just another retarded spanians
scott rosenfeld (el 05/08/14 a las 1:04 am)
Never fold ace/jack of parsley. Never!
DArtagnan2013 (el 03/08/14 a las 9:55 am)
They are playing by Spanish rules! 
Jane Doe (el 03/08/14 a las 7:08 am)
That was garbage poker
Mayank Gupta (el 31/07/14 a las 5:33 pm)
Alfredo says 'check' after the last card shows up and then goes all in after his opponent bets 1000. Going 'All in' after this is not really a smart move, he should have rather gone all in before instead of 'check'. Later it was quite clear that he was bluffing.
Xtrym_ (el 30/07/14 a las 7:17 am)
Mike Jones (el 16/05/14 a las 1:10 am)
These guys play like a bunch of garage poker players you see in your neighborhood.
Pigueza F. Strawson (el 22/07/14 a las 7:35 pm)
Vicente thinks "he knows what I have, so he is not bluffing against me"; Alfredo thinks "he knows that I know what he has, so he knows that I'm not bluffing here, I'm just raising for value, so he needs to fold anything that is not the nuts". So, Vicente knows that Alfredo is thinking something like that, so Vicente knows that the bluffing frequency against him is pretty high, so he needs to call any river with any bluff catcher.

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