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MrBusunglueck (el 14/06/15 a las 9:42 pm)
worst river bet ever... why not check it? when you bet youre only gonna get bluffed by a stronger hand... the guy knows you have jacks full, why bet?? what an idiot player honestly.
FLOWSHOW - Boundless Gamer (el 02/06/15 a las 10:44 pm)
What you guys are not getting here is that the guy with his cards revealed didn't know that he was ahead. Who would go all-in on you knowing your hand is better? Now obiously he missread his hand here but what if illuminati?
Garth Algar (el 28/11/14 a las 5:05 am)
Pardon me while I pick my jaw up from the floor.
Juan Alberto Vicente Exposito (el 23/07/15 a las 1:54 pm)
Lo que no pase en España... oh my god!!
Andrew Loo (el 30/05/15 a las 6:27 am)
there's been better ones
TheDigitalPillars (el 10/05/15 a las 8:20 am)
Mark Honbo (el 09/06/15 a las 10:45 pm)
Just discovered this hand thanks to the 2+2 TV Poker Hand Madness. Did not disappoint. The only thing that would have made it better is if Alfredo's bluff raise had worked.
kyle schwent (el 29/05/15 a las 12:19 pm)
LMAO aptly named
Galaxy Cop (el 13/01/15 a las 12:45 pm)
Maybe he thought 9s full of Js was better because it contained two individually higher cards. (LOL!!!!)
okeafas okdsadsa (el 03/04/15 a las 1:03 am)
perhaps, this (donk) isnt a donk but a super genius, thinking he could level his opponent to think he has J9 or 22 because his hand was faceup and almost 99% of the time is gonna make the call, but the person with the faceup cards isnt such a uber genius and cant be leveled to the super genius mind game so he just snapped him........ or he just missread the board/doesnt know wich hand is stronger 999JJ or JJJ22

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