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A demonstration of card control by Dai Vernon. This can be found in Close-Up Card Magic by Harry Lorayne. I decided to post this because CrdShk's video of this great effect is now gone. Hey CrdShk, hope to see you back! Edit 04/24/09: You can see the original video here

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Subido: 10/01/10 a las 6:34 am
Autor: martinj1025

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Ultimos comentarios:
Wesley Negron (el 16/01/14 a las 9:42 pm)
Very nice. I knew the trick from a while back, but you still stunned me when you displayed the aces at the end. Awesome. 
Yalus (el 26/11/13 a las 7:51 am)
Very smooth
spraqmagic (el 14/06/11 a las 8:05 pm)
Nice job mate - you are very smooth. Check out my performance of Vernon's poker demonstration over on my page. Thanks, Alex
Senior S (el 10/01/10 a las 3:02 pm)
lol andyfieldmagic did a tut on this today :\
martinj1025 (el 12/10/11 a las 12:56 am)
@NewCuber4u Thanks.
Barry Trestain (el 31/03/11 a las 7:46 am)
Lovely, really nice.
martinj1025 (el 10/07/11 a las 12:53 am)
@emathed1 I like both but I think combination cull is stronger just because the spectator buries the cards.
martinj1025 (el 22/03/11 a las 11:11 pm)
@conjurer77 Yes he is; CrdShk has some of the best gambling routines I have seen.
beNN (el 10/01/10 a las 1:35 pm)
What cards are those? The ace is like the Bee's one, but the back is different. Btw really cool performance :)
martinj1025 (el 21/05/11 a las 1:49 am)
@MrPolterguy I wish! The song is called Seven Senses by Seiji Yokoyama.

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