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Yes, I know that almost EVERY lyric is misspelled, but I made this when I was like 11, and about 4 years later, this piece of shit video turned into something, I dont know how, but thanks everyone, enjoy misspelled lyrics :P

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Subido: 20/01/08 a las 9:53 pm
Autor: MusicVidMaker1996

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Ultimos comentarios:
Tony Stark (el 22/03/14 a las 7:04 am)
Forgot about Tenacious D man it's been a while
Atlas Cobalt (el 25/11/13 a las 6:28 am)
Dubstep tried to slay the metal...he succeeded! as the metal FELL to the ground!
michael gregory (el 18/01/14 a las 3:01 pm)
Oh how I miss the guitar hero days
Hank Hill (el 17/11/13 a las 12:18 am)
Adrian Keenum (el 09/11/13 a las 5:11 pm)
Nelson Pereyra (el 17/11/13 a las 8:32 pm)
I challenge thee 
Tyrus Rice (el 24/11/13 a las 5:08 am)
Can someone explain why I all of a sudden have alot of energy
superbaconish (el 12/11/13 a las 3:21 am)
This Song was On Guitar Hero Arcade. My Fav song on the game
Elias Roos (el 14/12/13 a las 7:55 pm)
Rhe bass tried to kill the metal, but it failed as it was dropped to the ground.
Christian Stanley (el 06/12/13 a las 7:33 am)
\m/ METAL! \m/

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