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New York Times Caught Photoshopping Image
The American Main Stream Media seems to be absolutely desperate to drag humanity into disastrous World War by instigating the Russians.
Subido: el 24/04/14 a las 10:35 pm
Autor: TheAlexJonesChannel
Duración: 08:22
Valoración: 4.826087
Vistas: 2714
Yankees Pitcher Michael Pineda Caught Cheating With Pine Tar and Ejected
Pineda ejected from from the game after caught with pine tar on his neck. Video is owned by MLB.
Subido: el 24/04/14 a las 12:37 am
Autor: MWaddict1
Duración: 03:21
Valoración: 4.716129
Vistas: 178937
NYT Caught Creating Fake War Propaganda in Ukraine Just Like Iraq
Following two days of propaganda centered upon dubious photographs the junta in Kyiv and the war machine media in the United States insist proves the...
Subido: el 24/04/14 a las 10:35 pm
Autor: TheAlexJonesChannel
Duración: 11:02
Valoración: 4.8333335
Vistas: 2955
RadiumOne CEO Caught Brutally Beating Girlfriend, NO JAIL TIME
"RadiumOne CEO Gurbaksh Chahal pleaded guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence and battery charges last week, dodging 45 felony counts for the videotaped 30-minute beating of...
Subido: el 25/04/14 a las 2:40 am
Autor: The Young Turks
Duración: 06:52
Valoración: 4.80756
Vistas: 9454
FULL VIDEO: Football Ghost: PHANTOM caught on camera Freaks out Fans by Gliding through Crowd
カメラに引っ掛かっサ カーのゴーストビデオファントムは群衆を通して滑ることでファンをフリークアウト Fantasma Football video captado por la cámara...
Subido: el 23/04/14 a las 3:07 pm
Autor: SportNews
Duración: 00:30
Valoración: 3.7578948
Vistas: 527906
Michael Pineda's Top Ten Reactions To Being Caught Using Pine Tar
Keith Olbermann repurposes a classic David Letterman segment to guess what Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda might have been thinking when he was caught using pine...
Subido: el 24/04/14 a las 4:21 am
Autor: Keith Olbermann
Duración: 01:07
Valoración: 4.288889
Vistas: 7352
Bundy Hoax Exposed! Real Audio Shows MSM Caught Twisting the Truth!
More info at links:
Subido: el 25/04/14 a las 5:44 am
Autor: DAHBOO77
Duración: 07:08
Valoración: 4.952941
Vistas: 301
WATCH: Ghost Caught On Tape At Bolivia Soccer Game | Football Spectators Scared By Stadium Ghost
Bolivian Football Stadium Haunted By Ghost | Real Ghost Haunting Caught On Tape | Ghost Caught On Tape At Bolivia Soccer Game | Football Spectators...
Subido: el 23/04/14 a las 2:04 pm
Autor: ViralVideos101
Duración: 00:37
Valoración: 4.428571
Vistas: 22847
Strange Creature Caught on Tape in Hospital. Aliens Caught on Tape? Scary.
Strange. What is it? Alien? Gnome? Ghost? Scary. It's the front right wheel turning. You can see it go past on the far side of...
Subido: el 23/04/14 a las 7:47 pm
Autor: Caught on Tape
Duración: 00:26
Valoración: 2.4634147
Vistas: 4367
Rory Reid Caught Lying About Bundy Land Grab
Rory Reid say that Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy is both a domestic terrorist and a crook Follow Alex on TWITTER - Infowars on G+...
Subido: el 23/04/14 a las 2:16 pm
Autor: TheAlexJonesChannel
Duración: 05:46
Valoración: 4.9404764
Vistas: 13622
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