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Republicans Say The Darndest Things #1 (Original Greatest Modern Hits - Reposted)
Clip by incitebytes (part of a series/playlist: The original of this video, "Republicans Say The Darndest Things (Greatest Modern Hit...
Subido: el 20/03/13 a las 4:44 pm
Autor: incitebytes
Duración: 10:01
Valoración: 4.7319226
Vistas: 73057
Kansas Republicans Want To Criminalize Teaching Sex Ed
"The Republican-dominated Kansas Senate voiced its approval of a bill that would make it easier to prosecute teachers and school administrators who present lesson materials...
Subido: el 02/03/15 a las 2:00 am
Autor: The Young Turks
Duración: 04:49
Valoración: 4.856333
Vistas: 65087
If you know a Republican, send this video to them. Restricting homosexuals from true equality, trying to claim ownership of the female body, their protests...
Subido: el 04/10/13 a las 2:57 am
Autor: Onision
Duración: 08:25
Valoración: 4.518603
Vistas: 465220
Key & Peele - Black Republicans
The speakers at the fifth annual Meeting of the Tallahassee Black Republicans each try to make the case that there is diversity among their ranks....
Subido: el 03/10/13 a las 6:19 pm
Autor: Comedy Central
Duración: 04:29
Valoración: 4.8729944
Vistas: 4794051
Obama Jabs Republicans In 2015 State of the Union Address
"Republicans were irked by President Barack Obama's caustic reminder in his State of the Union speech that he defeated them twice. "I've run my last...
Subido: el 22/01/15 a las 3:30 am
Autor: The Young Turks
Duración: 05:06
Valoración: 4.8131285
Vistas: 99211
Obama Sets Bear Trap, Republicans Walk Right Into It
"Following President Barack Obama's State of the Union address on Tuesday, where he called on Congress to end discriminatory workplace practices that "belong...
Subido: el 31/01/14 a las 4:32 am
Autor: The Young Turks
Duración: 09:49
Valoración: 4.719406
Vistas: 237017
POLL: Young Republicans Are More Open Minded
Medical marijuana is legal in 23 states and Washington DC, Colorado, Alaska, Washington and Oregon have taken marijuana legalization one step further. The herb is...
Subido: el 03/03/15 a las 3:14 am
Autor: Secular Talk
Duración: 04:53
Valoración: 4.9031143
Vistas: 5714
Yet another ridiculous campaign ad. Joni Ernst is a joke, and Republicans are people too! Apparently those who care about education and job creation are...
Subido: el 01/10/14 a las 1:42 am
Autor: JaclynGlenn
Duración: 11:41
Valoración: 4.731304
Vistas: 143465
Jon Stewart: No One Can Work with Republicans! Even Other Republicans!; 02/03/15
Jon Stewart tonight took on last week's big mess in Congress over DHS funding and concluded that no one can work with a Republican House…...
Subido: el 03/03/15 a las 6:03 am
Autor: DailyNews
Duración: 08:01
Valoración: 4.652174
Vistas: 3573
Reagan advisor on Tea Party Republicans 'They are really rather stupid and not very well read'
Bruce Bartlett, President Reagans policy advisor had some choice comments for the Tea Party Republicans, 'They are really rather stupid and not very well read'...
Subido: el 03/03/15 a las 8:32 am
Autor: Egberto Willies
Duración: 01:43
Valoración: 5.0
Vistas: 4793
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