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The Flash(Wally West) taps into Speedforce(the source of his power) and singlehandedly defeats a fused Lex Luthor and Braniac. From Justice League Unlimited episode ''Divided we fall''

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Subido: 09/04/07 a las 2:47 pm
Autor: TheFallenRedStar

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Ultimos comentarios:
Marc Andrew Geolingo (el 07/10/14 a las 12:19 pm)
Flash gives the world most painful hand job......
Medalion (el 25/09/14 a las 12:50 am)
1:10 Flash what are you doing to Luthoriac? XD
knuclear2010 (el 07/07/14 a las 9:40 am)
In the entirety of the show to this point, I never thought the Flash to be the weakest. He didn't have Superman's strength or Batman's OP plot armor...but for some reason, he still felt the need to prove himself, and I cry manly tears every time I see him circle the world just to punch ONE guy in the face 5 times
Shaamal Gonzalez (el 15/09/14 a las 12:13 am)
i don't know much about Flash .. but i was wondering . since Flash can think super fast doesn't that make him the smartest man ? i mean he can think 3x faster or even more than a regular person ( like Lex , Batman )
Isaak B (el 11/09/14 a las 6:33 pm)
Batman is on the end doing literally nothing. 
454ffv (el 17/08/14 a las 3:01 am)
i thought flash could run the speed of light no problem? also, light can travel around the world 7 and a half times in one second but i didn't see flash punch him 7 times in one second :/
Brandon Xing (el 14/08/14 a las 5:36 am)
I've always felt that full powered Flash is by far the strongest on the Justice League... His infinite mass punch is stronger than Superman's and based on his abilities, he should never, ever, be hit by anything... If he can think and move faster than time itself... he's pretty much unstoppable.. 
huldu (el 17/10/14 a las 4:54 am)
The bro force.
Jacob G (el 16/10/14 a las 1:10 am)
Lex you're no more a God than Flash is a boy.
Dreaklock (el 25/09/14 a las 10:03 am)
This is Flash on a slow day.

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