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kokoybaga (el 16/04/15 a las 1:07 pm)
Holy shit. Flash gave Lex the ultimate hand job of his life.
Montesama314 (el 03/04/15 a las 11:37 am)
Whose bright idea was it to make Batman the anchor?
TYUIO11111 (el 15/05/15 a las 5:36 pm)
2:18 Wonder Woman goes to stop supes, Bats be like nooooooooooooooo which is funny cause in the comics it would be the other way around
Erick Silverstone (el 17/05/15 a las 6:54 am)
Alright, now after you watch this video, you look me in the eye and you tell me that Sonic is faster than the Flash. 
Eric Adrien (el 05/12/14 a las 2:13 pm)
Batman trying to help tho Cuz if 5 superheroes with super strength can't do it,a normal human will....hahahha
Jonathan Bhatty (el 06/02/15 a las 4:07 am)
We all know it was Batmans effort at the end that pulled Flash out.
Barry Allen (el 27/06/15 a las 5:54 pm)
been there, done that...Oh that voice Wally? That would be Black Flash calling you...Don't run towards it bro...Iris would kill me if I told you otherwise.
Stan Stanmanson (el 10/12/14 a las 12:27 am)
It only makes sense flash is faster than superman. The speedforce is an infinite amount of energy, which is required to go the speed of light. Superman gets his power from solar radiation, thus he is confined to light itself. 
LongLive TrueFreedom (el 04/05/15 a las 5:28 pm)
Damn Speed Force gotta be one of the most powerful and potent energy sources in the DC universe. That's why I love Wally West Flash the most of all Flash's, because he is the one to master the Speed Force and is known for being able to use it to no known limits. If your speed is immeasurable you can do pretty much anything. Like... I don't know, punching every bad guy on the planet a billion times in a nanosecond. Why didn't Flash do that yet? :D
Steven _ Origins (el 09/06/15 a las 6:26 am)
Those 147 dislikes were probably from Sonic and Quicksilver fans.

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