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8spiderman8 (el 10/11/13 a las 11:11 am)
hahaha...this show look weak as fuck!
Howyaduing (el 14/12/13 a las 4:34 pm)
There making a New Flash TV series on the CW and it's a spin-off of Arrow which is a retelling of Green Arrow
Terence Towles Canote (el 03/01/13 a las 4:47 am)
I remember watching *The Flash* TV show. I don't think they quite knew where they wanted to take it, but I liked it. And I thought Mark Hamill was great as The Trickster.
TheLowDown93 (el 07/07/12 a las 1:57 am)
@greyfox251 You Don't Need To.
Aakash Sunil (el 14/04/12 a las 8:59 am)
considering that they made this film in 1990, flash's suit looks really cool
2013venjix (el 02/07/13 a las 2:43 am)
Wrong character!!
breakaway2x (el 25/10/12 a las 12:10 am)
3:45, slowest punch the Flash probably ever threw. He really had to hold back on that one.
rockhammer85 (el 09/12/11 a las 11:51 pm)
Love it.
Indraface (el 20/06/12 a las 3:25 am)
Continuity fail.
coverdale20 (el 02/10/11 a las 1:24 am)
@sjconker64 The suit is fairly true to the comic version, but they might have actually done the character a favor by making more slender rather than that Arnold look. It ends up looking a little funny in retrospect, but I loved it as a kid....

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