Gran Turismo 5 Trailer - E3 2010



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Check out the new trailer that includes the release date.

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Subido: 16/06/10 a las 12:42 am
Autor: IGN

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David Roggenkamp (el 22/08/14 a las 7:49 pm)
Gran Turismo is a game I've always meant to try, but have never quite had the time for - I've played such classics as "Project Torque", "Heat Online", "Drift City" and "Need for Speed World", each has been a good game, but I'd love to play a game with more cars. Gran Turismo seems to deliver and I look forward to playing it.
evan lester (el 19/09/14 a las 1:48 pm)
the first 2 seconds and the polyphony logo music look similier to the intro of gt 4 in ps2 anybody agrees ?
Tiizy Baaby (el 24/10/14 a las 12:53 pm)
Had so much fun on this game with my ps3... I remember I played this game all day, all night, had tight races online with comfort tires lol... I miss those days :/ Now everybody is gone.. No one plays GT6, and I don't have the time to play this game :(
Renzo Reyes Garcìa (el 09/09/14 a las 8:01 pm)
T1000AX (el 25/06/14 a las 5:08 pm)
gran turismo always have the most awesome hype up trailers.
TUA TheUntamedAnimal (el 06/09/14 a las 11:16 am)
best song ever!
the stig (el 22/08/14 a las 2:25 am)
+Mehdi Mike se llama Soul on display de Daiki Kasho
the stig (el 22/08/14 a las 2:22 am)
Gran Turismo es el mejor simulador de carreras del mundo!!!!
Matheus Matsushima (el 19/07/14 a las 10:04 pm)
15 years and Gran Turismo still can't make a life-like audience in the bleachers XD Hands down, Gran Turismo is still pretty awesome.
arsnakehert (el 22/05/14 a las 12:57 am)
Good thing this song is in GT6!

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