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"The Pricing of Everything" by George Monbiot
SPERI Annual Lecture by George Monbiot: "The Pricing of Everything" at the Octagon in Sheffield on 29th April 2014. You can follow the Sheffield Political...
Subido: el 07/05/14 a las 6:24 pm
Autor: SPERIshefuni
Duración: 18:25
Valoración: 4.976744
Vistas: 14113
George Monbiot meets Boris Johnson at the Copenhagen climate conference
Environmental columnist George Monbiot challenges Boris Johnson's green policies in an extraordinary meeting of world mayors in Copenhagen.
Subido: el 16/12/09 a las 1:36 pm
Autor: The Guardian
Duración: 08:15
Valoración: 4.147059
Vistas: 12843
George Monbiot: For more wonder, rewild the world
Wolves were once native to the US' Yellowstone National Park -- until hunting wiped them out. But when, in 1995, the wolves began to come...
Subido: el 09/09/13 a las 5:26 pm
Autor: TED
Duración: 15:11
Valoración: 4.8842363
Vistas: 77762
Extended interview with George Monbiot.
Subido: el 22/08/10 a las 6:25 pm
Autor: spannerfilms
Duración: 15:52
Valoración: 4.6056337
Vistas: 4391
George Marshall "Don't Even Think About It" with George Monbiot
George Marshall speaks with George Monbiot and an Oxford crowd about his sensational book on the psychology of climate change: Don't Even Think About It:...
Subido: el 06/11/14 a las 11:50 am
Autor: hobgoblinboat
Duración: 30:58
Valoración: 4.5
Vistas: 1158
Who Does David Cameron Really Work For? Russell Brand The Trews (E201)
Russell Brand The Trews (E201). I'm joined by writer and activist George Monbiot as we discuss the TTIP - a treaty backed by David Cameron...
Subido: el 01/12/14 a las 8:53 pm
Autor: Russell Brand
Duración: 11:37
Valoración: 4.9473114
Vistas: 231578
A New Future for Nature - George Monbiot
George Monbiot explores a new positive environmentalism, which shows how damaged ecosystems can be restored, and how this restoration can revitalise and enri...
Subido: el 11/09/13 a las 1:42 pm
Autor: The RSA
Duración: 19:06
Valoración: 4.9104476
Vistas: 10806
George Monbiot - Left Hook - Overpopulation George Monbiot dispels the notion that over population is the biggest challange we face on the planet today Talks about many...
Subido: el 05/03/11 a las 1:59 pm
Autor: ecotubeview
Duración: 14:32
Valoración: 4.2
Vistas: 4071
David Bellamy being humiliated by George Monbiot over climate change. David Bellamy and bad science
Watch David Bellamy's arguments being totally demolished by George Monbiot. (If you research it you find Bellamy gets his data from a fraudster who alleges...
Subido: el 19/09/10 a las 8:50 pm
Autor: pilipalod
Duración: 10:33
Valoración: 3.5853174
Vistas: 51302
George Monbiot meets Jeroen van de Veer
George Monbiot challenges Jeroen van de Veer, chief executive of oil and gas giant Shell, on ethics, greenwash advertising, renewable energy investments and ...
Subido: el 08/01/09 a las 2:09 pm
Autor: The Guardian
Duración: 11:21
Valoración: 4.7391305
Vistas: 8977
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