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Atheism: 2013 - Year In Review
In many ways, 2013 was the "Year Of The Atheist". Let's take a look at some of the atheist highlight from the past year. If...
Subido: el 09/12/13 a las 5:21 pm
Autor: CultOfDusty
Duración: 05:34
Valoración: 4.898289
Vistas: 130905
Atheism Destroyed With One Hilarious Question
Did you see the Christian comedian that destroys atheism with a single question? If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting it by picking up...
Subido: el 18/04/14 a las 2:27 pm
Autor: CultOfDusty
Duración: 04:39
Valoración: 4.702208
Vistas: 278213
Dale McGowan: 20 Things I Learned About Atheism While Explaining it to Dummies
For more information, visit: AHA @ UW-Madison: http://wiscatheists.blogspot.c... Dale McGowan is Executive Director of the Fou...
Subido: el 07/04/13 a las 9:35 pm
Autor: wiscatheists
Duración: 38:52
Valoración: 4.8809524
Vistas: 36434
Ralph Reed and Bill Maher debate Christianity v atheism
Christian activist Ralph Reed debates the rationale of being a Christian who believes the Bible is literally true with atheist and Real Time host Bill...
Subido: el 07/06/14 a las 1:49 pm
Autor: Brit Editor
Duración: 06:17
Valoración: 4.870968
Vistas: 63714
David Silverman: Atheism Is NOT Satanism!
The Real Story, Fox news, 1-7-2014, David Silverman, President, American Atheists, Inc., David winks to the camera at 0:47 to thank...
Subido: el 07/01/14 a las 9:47 pm
Duración: 06:33
Valoración: 4.357016
Vistas: 145244
From Atheism To Creationism
From Atheism To Creationism: Atheist Converts to Creationist Christianity!!! #RIPJaclyn Warning: This video contains extremely high concentrations of pure cr...
Subido: el 20/02/14 a las 6:15 am
Autor: JaclynGlenn
Duración: 12:04
Valoración: 4.517603
Vistas: 255614
Lawrence Krauss: Atheism and the Spirit of Science
The unmovable mover, the first cause, the Big Bang. For centuries, we have grappled with the moment of creation: How did something come from nothing?...
Subido: el 04/07/13 a las 3:00 pm
Autor: The Agenda with Steve Paikin
Duración: 25:36
Valoración: 4.9065933
Vistas: 38218
Atheism 101: The Null Hypothesis (AnticitizenX mirror)
How many times have you heard the claim "You can't prove God does NOT exist!" Well, we can. It's called the null hypothesis. A reasonable...
Subido: el 05/07/13 a las 7:35 pm
Autor: bdw5000
Duración: 13:25
Valoración: 4.902439
Vistas: 29873
Atheism: A Religion?
Caller is: Danny from Orlando Matt Dillahunty & Jen Peeples try to explain to Danny that Atheism is not a religion. Paul from Chicago IL,...
Subido: el 02/04/13 a las 2:21 am
Autor: RRoocckkyy50
Duración: 16:47
Valoración: 4.823729
Vistas: 24369
Penn Jillette and Glenn Beck talk Atheism, Libertarianism, and Church State
Penn Jillette and Glenn Beck talk Atheism, Libertarianism, and Church State.
Subido: el 05/06/13 a las 4:36 am
Autor: brain3zzzz
Duración: 11:07
Valoración: 4.736842
Vistas: 43234
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