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Understanding the National Debt and Budget Deficit
In which John discusses the US national debt, the federal budget deficit, plans for shrinking or eliminating the deficit, and tries to provide some context...
Subido: el 23/10/12 a las 11:36 pm
Autor: vlogbrothers
Duración: 06:34
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The National Debt and Federal Budget Deficit Deconstructed - Tony Robbins Watch Tony Robbins discuss the $15 trillion U.S. national debt -- how big is it really? And what can we do...
Subido: el 02/04/12 a las 11:13 pm
Autor: Tony Robbins
Duración: 19:40
Valoración: 4.7896953
Vistas: 406821
Will Taxing the Rich Fix the Deficit?
The government's budget deficit in 2009 was $1.5 trillion. Many have suggested raising taxes on the rich to cover the difference between what the government...
Subido: el 02/07/12 a las 3:21 pm
Autor: Learn Liberty
Duración: 03:07
Valoración: 4.265008
Vistas: 245753
Deficit - gael garcia bernal
This is the trailer of Deficit, the first movie directed by the talented mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal.
Subido: el 24/01/08 a las 7:01 pm
Autor: xxxcherrywine1990xxx
Duración: 01:42
Valoración: 4.2941175
Vistas: 70254
Deficit and Debt Ceiling
Basic of the deficit, debt and debt ceiling More free lessons at:
Subido: el 27/07/11 a las 6:10 pm
Autor: Khan Academy
Duración: 09:57
Valoración: 4.92299
Vistas: 167353
WHAT'S THE FAT?! - Deficit สูตรพิชิตความอ้วน [EP.7 by BLOCK & BURN]
WHAT'S THE FAT ?! รายการที่จ ทำให้คุณ "ลดความอ้ว และหลีกหนีความอ้วน" แบบ สุขภาพดี และคุณยังก นอิ่มได้เหมือนเดิม!! มาร่วมสร้า หุ่นที่ดีแบบง่าย ๆ ซึ่งคุณเอง ็ส...
Subido: el 16/05/14 a las 11:17 am
Autor: VRZOchannel
Duración: 31:28
Valoración: 4.919399
Vistas: 567333
Deficit - Antes do Sol Nascer
Download - Facebook - trap?fref=ts Letra: ...
Subido: el 12/10/13 a las 7:50 pm
Autor: Deficit - Aquilo que falta
Duración: 03:52
Valoración: 4.902041
Vistas: 5709
The U.S. Trade Deficit
After receiving nearly 1000 views in a short time, we have updated this telling video on the U.S. trade deficit. While many politicians are busy...
Subido: el 24/10/12 a las 12:24 am
Autor: Economy In Crisis
Duración: 02:54
Valoración: 4.428571
Vistas: 14629
The Deficit Deadlift: #1 Deadlift Assistance Exercise (Build Power From the Bottom)
Subido: el 27/11/13 a las 10:58 pm
Autor: OmarIsuf
Duración: 03:49
Valoración: 4.963828
Vistas: 41514
Obama’s Budget Deficit = The Best In Decades
"The White House hailed a return to "fiscal normalcy" Wednesday, reporting that the federal budget deficit shrank to $483 billion last year, the lowest level......
Subido: el 18/10/14 a las 4:00 pm
Autor: The Young Turks
Duración: 04:36
Valoración: 4.7512274
Vistas: 48130
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