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"Espionage Act Has Been Used Very VERY Sparingly Through Out American History Until Obama"
June 21, 2013 MSNBC News
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Unit 4 WWI Espionage Acts
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Autor: Dwayne Chatelain
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The Espionage Act of 1917 and Sedition Act of 1918
Created by Jason Tran and John Fata.
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CIA Agent Charged With Espionage Act by Justice Department
"...the Justice Department yesterday charged a former CIA agent, John Kiriakou, with four felony counts for having allegedly disclosed classified information...
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Autor: The Young Turks
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Obama pursues linguist using Espionage Act
Another name has been added to the list of people persecuted by the Espionage Act of 1917. The latest causality is James Hitzelberger, a former...
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Autor: RT America
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Fox News Espionage Act Hypocrisy on WikiLeaks vs James Rosen?
Is Fox News anchor/lawyer Megyn Kelly a hypocrite? 200 Fox News bias videos at More Megyn Kelly bias at
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Autor: LiberalViewer
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Manning Spy? Whistleblower faces 136+ yrs jail time under Espionage Act
The 25 year old was acquitted of the most serious charge against him - that of aiding the enemy - which carried a potential life...
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Autor: RT
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Federal Economic Espionage Act Overview
Womble Carlyle business litigation attorney Press Millen briefly discusses what companies need to know about the federal Economic Espionage Act, and the Thef...
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Autor: womblecarlyle
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Lawrence O'Donnell on Why He Does Not Report on Espionage Act & NDAA
Follow Luke @ Luke Rudkowski yet again runs into and engages MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell in a conversation. The previou...
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Autor: WeAreChange
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Mr. Kenneth W. Ford, Jr. Former Prisoner of Conscience & Human Rights Defender Ford refused to lie about WMDs in Iraq and believes he was...
Subido: el 27/12/11 a las 7:48 am
Autor: education4peace
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