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ObiKanaka (el 22/07/15 a las 8:38 am)
Molly Rowan Leach (el 04/03/14 a las 1:04 am)
Nails it.
Cypressmyst (el 19/01/14 a las 12:34 pm)
We are living in the Matrix.
Ir0nF1st924 (el 04/04/13 a las 5:54 am)
O.O damn, that was deeper than i expected urban dictionary to be, but completely true nonetheless. the thing with a protest tho is that the corporations and the politicians wont listen. swat teams will be sent and we will be imprisoned for "terrorism". better to spread a silent liberation of the mind than an open rebellion. then when we graduate we will take them by surprise. in the words of RATM: "Fuck you, I wont do what you tell me!"
Thatmainchick (el 20/11/11 a las 8:27 pm)
When I took the class again it was the same exact curriculum and I had all the answers to every test cause even though I failed I still had all my corrected notes and tests from the previous semester. I memorized the tests and passed with the highest grade the second time around.
skimalot2618 (el 19/03/12 a las 3:37 pm)
which book were you reading out of? I would like to read it.
motorsiegefan931 (el 04/10/11 a las 1:13 am)
My brain or student's brains?
TheMagicEast (el 28/10/10 a las 2:41 am)
your right, what do you think about the idea that schools and such institutions which encourage blind obedience etc, are actually the deliberate effort of some entity near the top of society which actively wants an obedient unchallenging society....maybe something like the illuminati
King Jeff (el 29/03/12 a las 8:52 am)
cjs1574 totally ignored what you said in the beginning about the farmers being masters of their own time lol ignore him
FeelReallyGood4933 (el 31/12/12 a las 6:55 am)
Thank You. They train you to like waking up at 7am and working at school for 8 hours. It's not every other day or not even every 3 days. It's everyday. Also nutrition for school is 15 minutes long and lunch is half an hour just like the mandatory work scheduled breaks with pay, a kind of conditioning and their justification is so logical too! Please does the correlating schedules of school and work happen throughout the world or what based on your reasoning?

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