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Michiel Van Kets (el 07/08/14 a las 12:13 pm)
can anybody explain this to me; how are you going to get all the resources in the system without stealing everything from everybody first?
jenn faire (el 03/07/14 a las 12:31 am)
Criminality is not social, it's chemical. Trying to blame criminal behavior on society is ridiculous. Who wrote this crap?
George Dominik (el 12/08/14 a las 12:22 am)
But one thing i don't understand , communism was just like zeitgeist movement , jobs for everybody , food for everybody , houses for everybody , no crimes , peaceful life , man is more important than property , family is most important , people were happy , crimminals were working for state not state for criminals. Is this Zeitgeist movement like communism or if not what is different ?
2eelShmeal (el 05/08/14 a las 11:32 pm)
I think he meant "exacerbating" at 2:02:17.
Evdoku (el 09/07/14 a las 11:14 pm)
The invisible hand has NOTHING AT ALL to do with God. The invisible hand simply states that when supply exceeds demand price will naturally fall, when demand exceeds equilibrium prices will rise to come about an equilibrium. What he was saying is that this requires NO planning, it happens WITHOUGHT intervention in a market. Honestly, what the hell, you have lied to more than 22 million people. If you will lie about something so obviously seen as incorrect then it reduces the legitimacy of everything else in the movie.
damnedmadman (el 20/07/14 a las 1:27 am)
This is just communism - the most wasteful and inefficient system ever known. Even with the use of powerful supercomputers, it is limited by correctness and accuracy of the mathematical model applied and the data it gets. The need to collect more data would be a great excuse for invigilation and monitoring of an unprecedented scale. Then there is collectivism and monopoly that would cause low quality and high costs of produced goods. Finally, people administering that system would be like gods, and they wouldn't resist the temptation to use that power for their profits. You have to understand, that no mathematical model can be better than the reality it simulates. In this case, the system would try to simulate the free market, just like computer games try to simulate the physics. The free market does just this, and nothing else can do this better. How do I know this? Because unregulated nature always provides the best solution. So what's wrong with the economies of our time? Look what's regulated: 1) Money supply based on fractional reserve banking and fiat currencies 2) Taxation and mandatory social security programmes 3) Governmental interventions on the markets These in turn cause, respectively: 1) Inflation and debt 2) Unemployment and poverty 3) Monopoly and low quality Why they are doing this? Because democracy favors ignorance over wisdom. Do all politicians mean wrong? Generally no, but their means are wrong. They promise to solve all your problems, so they also need more power and more money. Poor and uneducated people believe them and vote for them. The problems remain mostly unsolved but power and money once taken is never returned. A "minimal state" is the most natural and fair system. Nothing is perfect in this world, so never believe those who claim they will save you from all worries.
menjavlafitta (el 23/07/14 a las 2:43 pm)
Something that i never understood with this art piece is why the hell is that very high pitched sound in the movie several times? Seriously, soooo uncalled for. 1st is around 4:15
mdrandro (el 15/07/14 a las 5:49 am)
how can this video have 22 million views if there are only 7 million people on earth ?!
maquita2000 (el 06/08/14 a las 7:16 pm)
The only problem I see is that we would be so many humans (if we have more spare time to do anything we want lol and would be having 10 children) that we, humans, would be unsustainable? 
dangputerz (el 04/08/14 a las 5:42 pm)
I fell asleep somewhere around 16 minutes in...

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