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Spider58x (el 04/12/14 a las 3:37 pm)
RBE(Resource Based Economy) or an economy without money=Wishful Thinking Nonsense Money is not a brake or a drain on the economy. Money is essential to allow trade to occur in an efficient manner. Money enables the formation of prices. Prices are information. Without prices, you can't know whether or not the use to which you wish to put a good is valuable or not. Without prices, the lumberjack who cuts down a tree doesn't know if it's better for society to sell that tree to the construction company or to the toothpick factory. With prices, he can observe which is willing to pay a higher price and sell accordingly. This ensures efficient allocation of resources, something the RBE wants to magic away and replace with unicorns and rainbows. The RBE is based upon the argument that scarcity is artificial, which is absolutely, breathtakingly wrong. Consider the very simple concept of opportunity cost. If you wish to go see a movie, but you also wish to go hiking in the woods, it is obvious that you can't do both at once. You have to pick one activity, because your body and your time are scarce. You will go with whichever activity you think is more valuable to you. If you understand this simple example, I hope you can also understand how the idea that economic scarcity is some kind of myth is ridiculous. The RBE is attractive largely because of people's ignorance of economics. It's like asking someone of a primitive society who is ignorant about gravity to explain why a rock falls when dropped from his hand. He's likely to shrug his shoulders and say, "the gods make it so," or "the rock wishes to return to the embrace of mother Earth." When you abandon logical deduction in favor of wild and unfounded propositions, this is the garbage you get.
Michiel Van Kets (el 07/08/14 a las 12:13 pm)
can anybody explain this to me; how are you going to get all the resources in the system without stealing everything from everybody first?
George Dominik (el 12/08/14 a las 12:22 am)
But one thing i don't understand , communism was just like zeitgeist movement , jobs for everybody , food for everybody , houses for everybody , no crimes , peaceful life , man is more important than property , family is most important , people were happy , crimminals were working for state not state for criminals. Is this Zeitgeist movement like communism or if not what is different ?
Hogg Lyfe (el 24/08/14 a las 1:52 am)
These goals cannot be accomplished unless we have a one world order am I correct? And the consequences of that makes humans obsolete and unimportant, especially with machines doing all the work....We are who we are because of our flaws and strengths....Although our flaws are greatly outnumbering our strengths sadly it seems like a loose loose situation. And a one world order in the future will most likely continue to have the same traits of today's society where the 1% control all the power and wealth, most likely more than the current 40% of all wealth worldwide they currently control for personal gain, simply because they are currently the only ones pushing for this while others are in the dark, not trusting anyone, uneducated, and scared of change. While most cannot be trusted to be put in a position of power without being corrupted by they're personal weaknesses, there are probably some (like myself) who would rule justly the whole world. We are just hard to find. :) 
mdrandro (el 15/07/14 a las 5:49 am)
how can this video have 22 million views if there are only 7 million people on earth ?!
aria mill (el 30/11/14 a las 5:18 pm)
what prevents people who agree with this film to gather and start one of this new cities somewhere in Europe for example. Try it out see if is working and if quality of life can be increased on a resourse based economy, with no money and only 3% of the people working....this sounds a litle bit like lazyness... Any way, I might be wrong so if you do try and want to build such a city I will join, because indeed I am a scientist, I will fist test your theory then dismiss it or aprove it...But it looks like nobody is joining forces to start such a city! So reality is we are going to be in this shit a while longer ..that is just fact! 2015!
matthew haeds (el 30/11/14 a las 8:01 am)
Aristotle's response to a law that would end private property and share everything, "Such legislation may have a specious appearance of benevolence; men readily listen to it and are easily induced to believe that in some wonderful manner everybody will become everybody's friend, especially when someone is heard denouncing the evils now existing in states, suits about contracts, convictions for perjury, flatteries of rich men and the like, which are said to arise out of the possession of private property. These evils, however, are due to a very different cause-the wickedness of human nature. Indeed we see that there is much more quarreling among those who have all things in common
Vladimir Skosyrev (el 24/11/14 a las 5:07 pm)
Interestingly, the society described in the movie is very similar to the society which the Russian author Ivan Efremov decribed in his novel "Andromeda Nebula" half a century ago! I really recommend reading this book, it is translated into English. Ivan Efremov is sometimes called the last true communist in the world. Having seen this movie, I see, that still there are people who understand the underlying potential of our species. And by the way, communism is only a word. What we need is a society that meets human needs and is build scientifically. It doen't matter how you call it, the idea is important.
Jacob Getzen (el 17/12/14 a las 11:39 pm)
LOL @ all these people getting so confused at the idea that money and the economy are complete fabrications that effectively enslave us all. Our only hope is that our technological and scientific advances will transcend this broken system. What is left after the elimination of this plight from the earth? An entire universe not limited to the obscene and disgusting acts of the greedy and corrupt institutions literally killing our earth. For those people who believe the dollar is the only way... you might as well die with your money based economy... as our collective intelligence increases the limitations we were born into will fade away as the nonsense it is... sad, stupid people are the reason this shit still works
VitriolicGhost (el 07/09/14 a las 7:08 pm)
This is a great video for the most part, but be careful how much you buy into this. Much of it is fear-mongering. One example is this great shortage of fresh water that is mentioned around 2:28:30ish, near the end of the video. Google the Guarani Aquifer. It has been estimated to provide all humans with fresh water between 1000-1600 years. Yeah, 8900 *cubic miles* of water. So yeah, we're not going to be overly thirsty anytime soon. There are other examples. Again, I loved this video, I "liked" it, lots of amazing stuff. But some of these ideas are just absurd and this video seems to want to make you scared more than the TV does.

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