A Day Made of Glass... Made possible by Corning. (2011)



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Watch "A Day Made of Glass" and take a look at Corning's vision for the future with specialty glass at its heart. Learn more about Corning at corning.com. Search for career opportunities at corning.com/careers.

Canal: Science & Technology
Subido: 07/02/11 a las 3:47 pm
Autor: Corning Incorporated

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Maximus Primus (el 27/09/14 a las 12:27 am)
Considering how well iPhone glass shatters, I don't think I'd want this future.
bashar albik (el 09/12/14 a las 3:18 pm)
You guys do know that only rich people will be able to afford this and let the poor people stay where they are
BGM (el 09/12/14 a las 3:49 pm)
Even if this would only be able to rich people, it's still fun to be seen as some kind of science-fiction.
TAW Monsta (el 29/11/14 a las 1:57 pm)
Oh wow a future of low contrast transparent screens literately almost everywhere and so super thin for mobile phones which become very hard to pickup. This video gave me a good idea that, even while we are all able to create this (already), embracing VR/glasses will be so much more efficient, cheeper way to paste displays on every thinkable objects we can view with our eyes, apart from the fact with VR we don't actually need an object to display some data or video on, we can simply make stuff visible like it is floating in mid air and make it so high resolution and give it style/adaptable look to the room or place we are at we will hardly notice something was printed at the place of our current location. There will follow a generation of people laughing about us for the fact that used there big boxes that required cables for power that contained display that showed us live tv/internet.
Athena Brown (el 01/11/14 a las 5:05 am)
What gets me is how *anyone* is supposed to be able to live like this. Currently, 1% of our population controls nearly 80% of the nation's wealth. We live in literal tent cities now, and our situation is only continuing in that direction. In 2020, only 100 people or so will be able to live in houses they actually own - and they will essentially control the entirety of the country. Only those they deem worthy will have access to anything beyond the bare minimum basic of food and water. Yet we're supposed to think this video has any relevance to our future?
Ivana Korijen (el 13/11/14 a las 9:15 pm)
y'know the only reason I'm here is 'cause this is my homework assigntment I seriously don't believe this has anything to do with our ''near future'' this was made in 2011 nothing happened since then and wouldn't the glass get smudges on it? And how the hell does everything know the girl's name? I'm calling this *FAKE*!!! It's just idiotic.
Nalin Airheart (el 11/12/14 a las 8:04 am)
This is a nice sci-fi demo reel, but I've actually seen a lot of this technology in work over the past few years and I've got to say, the most amazing thing in this video is how everything transmits data to everything else through presumably NFC without a care in the world for privacy or management. This is the definition of a pipe dream but props to the crew who made this anyway, its looks beautiful.
William Lloyd (el 20/06/14 a las 2:55 pm)
Phillis Grac (el 11/12/14 a las 12:12 am)
Real Amazing... power of digitization 
TOSS BOSSES (el 10/11/14 a las 9:29 am)
A Day Made of Glass... Made possible by Corning. (1984); I think that's probably a more accurate title. This 'world' that they've created in this video doesn't look that nice to live in... Constant 24/7 pressure from all the emails you get, what's happening in the news, artificial intelligence 'suggesting' what should be most important in your life... I mean, yes the technology's good, it will probably help a lot of people and it's not even unrealistic, with a lot of this stuff already existing on smaller scales. But, just because they can dream all this stuff and can do all this stuff, it doesn't mean they should...

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