A Day Made of Glass... Made possible by Corning. (2011)



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Watch "A Day Made of Glass" and take a look at Corning's vision for the future with specialty glass at its heart. Learn more about Corning at corning.com. Search for career opportunities at corning.com/careers.

Canal: Science & Technology
Subido: 07/02/11 a las 3:47 pm
Autor: Corning Incorporated

Duración: 05:33
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Laila Alkholy (el 11/01/15 a las 11:08 pm)
My dad showed me this video about 4 years ago, and I watch this every year. Its crazy how something so unimaginable back then is slowly becoming a reality. 
אשכר פלמר (el 13/03/15 a las 11:32 am)
זה יהיה מגניב אם באתת יהיה דברים כאלה
Luis Garcia (el 01/03/15 a las 3:53 am)
¿Sera la vida asi en un futuro no muy lejano?
Tazy Giant brain (el 12/10/14 a las 2:00 pm)
This is in 2020
HopefulWriter14 (el 23/03/15 a las 9:34 pm)
this is the single most motivating video i have ever watched. i want to become a billionaire, just so i could create this for myself.
Javier Espadas (el 17/03/15 a las 3:59 pm)
A Day Made of Glass... Made possible by Corning. (2011): https://youtu.be/6Cf7IL_eZ38 #ActivateSevilla #Activados +Miriam Garcia Armesto​ +Actívate​
Maxima Prime (el 27/09/14 a las 12:27 am)
Considering how well iPhone glass shatters, I don't think I'd want this future.
Laylah Seibold (el 24/02/15 a las 10:26 pm)
If you liked this try a day made of glass 2 😇😇😇
Commandrew99 (el 29/11/14 a las 6:53 am)
I got the shivers when the dad chopped the peppers on the tabletops. Can you imagine cutting on glass? scritch scritch scritch ugh
Isa Ramos (el 17/02/15 a las 6:16 pm)

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