Money and the Turning of the Age: Part 1



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About the significance of the economic crisis in the evolution of human civilization and consciousness. Filmed by Katie Teague, December 2010.

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Subido: 21/01/11 a las 4:43 pm
Autor: Charles Eisenstein

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Charles Blass (el 05/01/14 a las 10:11 am)
Thx +Charles Eisenstein >> note +Claudio Blunschi / +CV-4D 
Bryan Gallagher (el 30/03/14 a las 3:44 pm)
Keep it Charles! One Love Brother
Emmanuel Lambert (el 17/12/13 a las 11:56 pm)
I am reading a book from a great scientist and buddhist monk Mathieu Ricard "Advocacy for Altruism" which talks about the same points. Great minds think alike. Thank you Mr. Eisenstein
Michelle Goddard (el 20/03/12 a las 6:50 pm)
Can't get enough of Charles Eisenstein these days!
Kip Boahn (el 30/12/11 a las 1:19 pm)
Talk Find (Money & The Turning Of The Age)... Money and the Turning of the Age: Part 1
philip horváth (el 14/08/11 a las 4:31 pm)
Good questions to ponder...
Martina Zeiner (el 30/12/11 a las 3:07 pm)
Talk Find (Money & The Turning Of The Age)... Money and the Turning of the Age: Part 1
Sebastian Klammer (el 10/09/13 a las 6:52 pm)
This should be mandatory viewing! This guy talks about the current money system and the transition to a possible future money system. This may be nothing new, but it comes in very understandable terms, and well thought-out. So, if you have an hour to spare (or two, rather, because it's two parts), then view and share! Really! I can't believe this is from 2010 and I just now stumbled over it!
Shiver Hinge (el 01/04/14 a las 11:20 pm)
There's a big difference between a people's real magic being dissolved by an imperial, empiric mysticism and and a false magic being dissolved by it own unreality. 
Jürgen Schmidt (el 01/03/13 a las 7:54 pm)

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