Money and the Turning of the Age: Part 1



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About the significance of the economic crisis in the evolution of human civilization and consciousness. Filmed by Katie Teague, December 2010.

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clairishe (el 09/10/14 a las 7:18 pm)
False, the power of money/currency comes from government enforcement and taxation. Government forces taxes to be paid in fiat/federal currency. This is the root of the problem. If taxes could be paid with any hard assets (processed commodities, cotton thread, hemp, nickel, copper, gold, silver, indium, tin, etc.) then fiat would cease to be valued and stop being used. Community currencies backed by hard assets (PMs, nickel, etc.) could easily be used in place of a central fiat currency.
J' Appleseed (el 22/11/14 a las 4:53 am)
recreating the commons free the mind share the economy harness the energy or invest in it to make money decentralization of energy using a few varieties, and weaning towards cleaner let's live in this world with love and accept
Exentriko X (el 09/10/14 a las 9:39 am)
This is Very Very interesting ... 'Cause We are in The Middle of a Possible Big Change or Transition !! Thanks BRO !!
Cali M (el 17/11/14 a las 7:38 pm)
Bryan Gallagher (el 30/03/14 a las 5:44 pm)
Keep it Charles! One Love Brother
Emmanuel Lambert (el 18/12/13 a las 12:56 am)
I am reading a book from a great scientist and buddhist monk Mathieu Ricard "Advocacy for Altruism" which talks about the same points. Great minds think alike. Thank you Mr. Eisenstein
Charles Blass (el 05/01/14 a las 11:11 am)
Thx +Charles Eisenstein >> note +Claudio Blunschi / +CV-4D 
Shiver Hinge (el 02/04/14 a las 1:20 am)
There's a big difference between a people's real magic being dissolved by an imperial, empiric mysticism and and a false magic being dissolved by it own unreality. 
Sebastian Klammer (el 10/09/13 a las 8:52 pm)
This should be mandatory viewing! This guy talks about the current money system and the transition to a possible future money system. This may be nothing new, but it comes in very understandable terms, and well thought-out. So, if you have an hour to spare (or two, rather, because it's two parts), then view and share! Really! I can't believe this is from 2010 and I just now stumbled over it!
Jürgen Schmidt (el 01/03/13 a las 8:54 pm)
Money and the Turning of the Age: Part 1

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