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750,000 television spots, 5,000 movie trailers, 1 voice, Don LaFontaine has the most recognizable voice in the game right now. Here is the legend's story told by none other than the legend himself. R.I.P. Don LaFontaine (1940-2008)

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Subido: 29/05/07 a las 2:36 am
Autor: Tim Wilkerson

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psychgoth (el 21/12/13 a las 5:08 pm)
Everyone who got him to record their voicemail is so very fortunate. I hope I sound 1/4 this awesome when I'm older.
Alvin Elmore (el 13/07/14 a las 1:34 am)
This guy could make you interested in seeing shittiest movie just because his voice makes the trailer interesting.
Lauren Weinstein (el 11/10/11 a las 1:05 am)
*YouTube Video Pick for Today*: Since I brought him up in another context just now in another G+ posting, *let's look at the late Don LaFontaine's promotional video* -- no, that's *not* him in the video thumbnail! He was one of the most recognizable (and busiest) voice over artists in history. As an occasional voice over guy myself (perhaps I've never mentioned that publicly online before -- you may have heard me, but you wouldn't know it!), I've always been awed by his skill.
moc Gage (el 10/02/14 a las 12:41 am)
His testosterone levels must of been off the charts!
Dejan Milovanović (el 15/02/14 a las 3:09 pm)
Very, very big like!
MystyrNile (el 14/04/14 a las 3:54 am)
Mom, I'll *help you with the dishes.*
oscar aspelin (el 13/06/14 a las 10:52 am)
imagine this guy on sulfur hexafluoride :S
James Smith (el 15/06/14 a las 7:22 pm)
In a world, where you don't usually associate a voice with a Youtube comment, you can't help but hear this comment in your head with that trailer voice!
Doriano Paisano Carta (el 29/07/11 a las 4:06 am)
Here's a nice feature about the voice. Don LaFontaine. We've all heard his movie voice. He passed away in 2008 (age 68)
Ivan Vučica (el 23/06/13 a las 3:38 pm)

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