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Ultimos comentarios:
ASANCE1 (el 16/10/12 a las 2:01 am)
marneyzj (el 16/09/12 a las 9:02 pm)
Great song. Came across an awesome article about her on NPR the other day!
bobou811 (el 27/10/12 a las 8:09 pm)
I've seen her in live, she is amazing!
ralfis1234 (el 28/10/12 a las 11:20 am)
Shit now i want some candybar
GrauzeejuPaaris (el 01/11/12 a las 12:09 pm)
labais!!! GUD GUD!!!
Sharky (el 29/09/12 a las 12:46 pm)
325 people dont like kinder bueno :)
Freddy Krueger Baniček (el 06/10/12 a las 5:58 pm)
my room is vibrating and i hear some weird noises :D
ralfis1234 (el 28/10/12 a las 7:17 pm)
халвы килограм 17
NexaTG (el 08/10/12 a las 9:42 pm)
champions league + heineken + kinder bueno = ♥
TheOnlyMacedonia (el 22/08/12 a las 6:41 pm)
So it's like this: Watching Universal channel suddenly comercial for Kinder Bueno with this song in the background. Going strait on youtube searching the song, finding it and writing a comment. Nice song :))

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