Occupy LA: Scenes from the New Revolution // Part 1: A Year of Dissent



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Scenes from the New Revolution is a five-part documentary series written and directed by journalist Sam Slovick, whose research into Occupy Wall Street led to his living in a tent at City Hall in Los Angeles alongside the 99% movement for the better part of two months. Slovick accessed Occupy Los Angeles at ground level, illuminating stories and faces that were either overlooked or misrepresented by the mainstream media. Told from the center of the year's biggest story, Slovick articulates the global movement through interviews with its activists, footage from the inner sanctum, and stories from its foot soldiers, bringing the sometimes-chaotic picture of Occupy LA into focus. Scenes from the New Revolution was produced with the help of Slake, a highly acclaimed literary journal based in Los Angeles. A companion piece to the series will appear in the journal's fourth issue.

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The Syndicate.Info (el 25/02/15 a las 12:35 pm)
Dovenpeis (el 29/01/15 a las 10:25 pm)
Greed is good!
Rehab Saad (el 21/01/12 a las 4:03 pm)
RedHues (el 07/01/12 a las 7:41 pm)
Truly captures the essence of the first phase of the occupation. It is now morphing into something totally new. Everyone should join and be the change we want to see.
RedHues (el 07/01/12 a las 7:44 pm)
There is a revolution deep inside everyone of us, buried by years of conformity. Set it FREE!
GodHatesFAQS (el 08/01/12 a las 8:04 pm)
We are all the problem. Undisciplined and greedy. This is not a corporate American problem this is a societal problem. Nobody wants to be responsible for any of their actions. I'm afraid we're doomed to learn a very hard and painful lesson.
rextony22 (el 24/01/12 a las 9:25 pm)
go protesters go.
adamsmark (el 10/01/12 a las 6:50 pm)
@LaBluntified well said. people should take responsibility for themselves. the bankers who knowingly sold toxic assets to their investors and sparked a worldwide recession should take responsibility for themselves. the banks who went belly-up and took jobs, businesses, and life savings along should take responsibility for themselves. but not a single banker was prosecuted for fraud, and the banks who went bust got bailed out. our system has cancer and we want it cured. that's why we occupy.
Ed Marks (el 27/01/12 a las 6:48 am)
@rextony22 DC is occupied. And I havent seen any of these kids go to bad neighborhoods
cockroachliberation (el 07/01/12 a las 6:34 am)
@LaBluntified ugly ass troll

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