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Directed by Ian MacKenzie Produced by Velcrow Ripper, Gregg Hill, Ian MacKenzie READ THE BOOK HELP ADD SUBTITLES Sacred Economics traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth. Today, these trends have reached their extreme - but in the wake of their collapse, we may find great opportunity to transition to a more connected, ecological, and sustainable way of being. This short contains some visuals from the upcoming feature doc Occupy Love FULL CREDITS Directed & Edited by Ian MacKenzie Producers: Ian MacKenzie, Velcrow Ripper, Gregg Hill Cinematography: Velcrow Ripper, Ian MacKenzie Animation: Adam Giangregorio, Brian Duffy Music: Chris Zabriskie Additional footage: Steven Simonetti, Pond 5, Youtube Stills: Kris Krug, NASA Special thanks: Charles Eisenstein, Stella Osorojos, Hart Traveller, Clara Roberts-Oss, Line 21 Media

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Pernilla Svensson (el 11/09/14 a las 8:35 pm)
Endless economic growth trends have reached their extreme - but in the wake of their collapse, we may find great opportunity to transition to a more connected, ecological, and sustainable way of being.
Ignore Ants (el 12/08/14 a las 8:22 pm)
This whole idea is totally correct if we are to heal the planet and find some modicum of 'happiness' . The problem I have is I think it's a long long time before we reach this stage; certainly not within my lifetime, and the fact that this book is almost £30 just further emphasizes my point. This guy is trying to sell something to make 'money'. If he truly believed what he himself is telling us then this book would be free, and not four times the price of a regular fiction book. He would find ways of getting this message across without using the 'horrible' system he so describes. I think the truth is the system isn't as bad as he makes out it just needs adjustments, like the redistribution of wealth and a toppling of the super elite and power abusing governments.
Lee Soarez (el 15/10/14 a las 3:52 pm)
Wrong, wrong, wrong... saying that money is the problem is the same as saying guns kill people... and saying "kids are supposed to like school"... WOW! That's just INSANE... and NOT mentioning the major problem, which is the COERCION BOOTS of the STATE on everybody's necks, shows just how delusioned - or BIASED - this dude really is.
Dennis Allard (el 07/01/15 a las 8:08 am)
Utterly naive. Misuse of the word 'gift". No analysis of power and ownership and how capital controls work through ownership. Useless vague new age hand waving. And, not true that the environmental movements were the first to realize need for change. That realization has been behind every workers revolution in history dating back centuries. In fact, part of the problem with the environmental movements is their separation from workers movements. Evo Morales has spoken about the need to unify these forces so there is awareness of this..
Mats Karlsson (el 21/01/15 a las 7:20 pm)
The people of the World are slowly becoming smarter and are starting to think about solutions WITHOUT money involved - and that is great! For how long will we still be job-slaves? We are working our lives away!!
Cosmic Tino (el 29/11/14 a las 10:55 pm)
be rdy to leave this era of metrialism.. kapitalism..the process has already begun... I am happy to be born in this generation. I am happy to be able to experience this change of mankind. the future holds much ready for us.. free medical care... and, ultimately, we are rdy for the next evolutionary step .. the discovery of the universe.. and thx google for this f.... translation ..Óò.. :D
enticed2zeitgeist (el 22/01/15 a las 8:03 pm)
Growth for the sake of growth with no concern for sustainability is the ideology of cancer and parasites.
vahe stepanian (el 25/10/14 a las 12:12 am)
Capitalism is the historic process of minority class violence of War, Poverty, Exploitation; needless suffering of our common humanity. Democratic majority revolution to abolish capitalism, Moneyless, classless, stateless communities of humanity in harmonious cooperation for our common needs and well being. We have all the means / resources for abundance / plenty in wisdom. Capitalism is inherently evil
Kevin O. McCann (el 18/12/14 a las 1:48 pm)
Wealth is created when an idea of something that is needed or desired comes into being. The Earth is saturated in energy and food potential. Growth is unlimited; but not all growth. The speed that technology displaces jobs is currently faster than the creation of what is truly needed by the majority of the planet. We are in a painful transition time. When technology begins producing what is needed faster than displacing jobs; things will seem to get better at a very fast rate. Prices will fall to the point that less jobs are needed. Less human produced wealth will be needed. Most humans will only be needed to experience their minds. If that. (which could be a problem) The best way to get this to happen more quickly and less painfully are many well directed models of the Xprize. Humans work like capitalist and wish like socialist. Good will come of us.
prismcolour (el 26/12/14 a las 2:19 pm)
Charles Eisenstein makes a lot of general good points in this video on the relationship between production from ecological services and how our "materialist" society is built but his points are extremely sugarcoated and makes for a "feel good about yourself" after you watch it type of commentary rather than provokes any type of real action. It's like "oh yah, ok! I get how the money system works now! banks bad/money evil, next step is to go protest wall street/oil companies/rearrange everything so its all unicorns and rainbows because this is what is causing all our problems and when we rearrange everything the way Charles wants it, all our "man-made" problems will go away. There's no factual/deeper information as to what the underlying causes are from a historical standpoint, let alone an anthropological one. Considering Mankind's history is 100,000 years old and protohumans only came onto the scene around 13,000 years ago. What did we do 10,000 years ago? Humans crossed a land bridge into what is N. America during that last Ice Age and we as a collective species MURDERED all the large mammals (No more sabertooth tigers! We did that! How about those woolly mammoths! Us again!). This has been the recurring pattern/problem since before the Industrial Revolution. Human nature ultimately creates these institutions and have manifested itself in different ways of destruction since the dawn of Man and we as a collective consciousness are RESPONSIBLE for everything we do and don't do today and moving forward. Stephen Pinker is probably a better resource via his book "The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature" in understanding why we are at the point we are at right now, with all the war, terror, and mass destruction of life as we know it. 

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