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This is just a video with the song "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World, and it has the lyrics

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Ultimos comentarios:
joey8062 (el 23/09/14 a las 3:16 am)
my life is shity and depressing 
AppleFaction (el 25/10/14 a las 2:05 am)
There is no hope for any of you people. Humanity is devolving faster than my original estimates... Give it a couple more years and civilisation itself will crumble to the ground; and any trace of language, of art, of culture, will be utterly abolished and replaced with grunting monkey noises. 
slomox1 (el 27/11/14 a las 6:03 pm)
And nowadays we get called emo for listening to this...
Marlena Powers (el 30/04/14 a las 8:56 am)
My bf has been cheating on me our entire relationship. I dumped him of course..but I was really upset. This song cheered me up. "Just be yourself. It doesn't matter if its good enough for someone else" Thanks Jimmy Eat World
Evan Or Breanna Dobitas (el 12/08/14 a las 10:22 am)
And this was once considered emo.......
Neko Kirito (el 14/12/14 a las 2:28 pm)
Jimmy Eat World- The Middle My Music Teacher introduced me to this band thanks Mrs. Hickey
James Sisco (el 07/12/14 a las 2:40 am)
I wish I could say I relate to this song, but most everyone legitimately hates me :/
Bee Boss (el 12/12/14 a las 2:46 am)
I wish i could go back in time and tell my self when i was a kid to not care what the bullies said to me maybe then i would still be in school and i might have some friends .. wish i heard this song 5 years ago 
Trixies Mama (el 14/12/14 a las 11:22 pm)
I still feel I can relate to this song, even tho I'm now 27.
Victoria Lindeman (el 29/11/14 a las 7:01 am)
I will always think of my older brother and I in the car dancing like crazy. man, those days where great, I will never forget. 

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