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Sue T. (el 21/04/15 a las 1:39 am)
I'm only at 15 minutes into this documentary from 2011. So far, it's very interesting. If this is a sore spot for anyone, try to be civil to me as well as other's in the comments. Blocking is not a problem otherwise. Thank you. #theonepercent #suescontinuingeducation #money #billionaires 
jack johnson (el 20/07/15 a las 12:50 am)
Seems to me there were some French aristocrats back in 1789 who had much the same attitude as the 1% of today. "What's that noise I hear in the distance? The starving peasants are marching on my castle carrying sticks and scythes? That rabble! Let them eat cake! I'm safe behind my castle walls". History showed that wasn't such a safe assumption after all.
phil keuper (el 24/07/15 a las 12:44 am)
The guy who started Kinkos is a classic " GREEDY JEW " . People like him make me sick .
Greg Hill (el 25/05/15 a las 4:16 pm)
It's done been proven that the rich do not create jobs the bottom and middle class create jobs if the lower and middle class don't buy the products they make they can't hire anyone, so it's just an argument to keep them getting richer and you getting poorer!!!
Spuds7er (el 24/07/15 a las 12:16 pm)
11:00 What? Real incomes have been declining for the middle class...
scotty (el 14/03/15 a las 2:02 am)
Oh the wealthy 1% have earned it, they're not lazy or uneducated, they've the best education money can buy and they've rigged the system to favor themselves. They've made sure they're on top and intend to stay that way by controlling the system. It's 'human nature' to screw others apparently.
Clyde Seeger (el 25/06/15 a las 4:57 pm)
That taxi driver....1:09:32.....he might be God.
Franklin NJ (el 26/04/15 a las 4:28 pm)
The rich are not creating jobs they are putting the extra money in their pockets, changes need to be made in tax credits and laws. The top 10% have enough money that their future great grand children will never have to work in their lives, and will be born with 3-5 mansions throughout the world with 10-20 luxury cars, 20 penthouses in major cities, own several $100Million dollar companies. 10-20% of their profits should go to creating more companies owned and managed by young executives. Mandatory minimum wage should increase to $15-$20/hr depending on your region's cost of living. CEO's, Athletes, Actors should have a cap on their earnings of $1M-$5Million/year with the remaining current earnings going to maintaining environment, infrastructure and local communities. If world leaders DO NOT FIGURE OUT how to fix our inequalities I'm afraid the military will and that usually means war since its the only tool they have to calm the masses and self serving profits with military investment in weapons.
Tanja Cavalli (el 21/07/15 a las 7:58 pm)
Jamie Johnson, you're just great!
Martha Nate (el 22/03/15 a las 3:06 pm)
Once the rich and powerful know the truth, they will start sharing the wealth and be a lot more humble. They will if they do not want the opposite and if they want to be fulfilled now and forever. Being rich only last a few years, and it is not that great. The truth and the life last forever and it is as good as it can get all the time. page 88 of the Present WAKE UP. Life is Here & Now. Google Truth Contest and read the Present.

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