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Our system of government was never intended to be a democracy. Although many believe that we live in one, they have never been asked to vote on the decisions made by said government. Yet they believe that they are empowered just the same. We are not.

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Philly Studmuffin (el 27/03/14 a las 3:42 pm)
This video was produced by right-wing charlatans. Nazism and fascism are left wing? On what planet? Any and all credibility in this video was out the window and removed from reality during the first 2 minutes. This is nothing more than lunatic Tea Party ideologies and exemplifies their ridiculous and imaginary historical explanation of lies. Fascism (the Nazis were fascist) is a joining of corporations and government, without consequence, accountability, or responsibility. The German people attempted to drag the factory owners and the corporate executives out into the street to lynch them after World War II (because the people finally realized the oligarchy and the religiously mind poisoned allowed the destruction of their country). A few remaining police and/or MPs saved some of their radical, sorry butt's from being hung or shot but many were rightfully destroyed (but not enough). Only low-grade, sheep-like imbeciles would fall for this sorry, idiotic, right wing film and it's asinine explanations. This is a warped, imaginary history that sounds like something Sara Palin, Michele Bachmann, Paul Ryan or other dishonest financial charlatans would promote to keep people stupid. Notice how these same charlatans meld their nonsense with religious mind poison to promote the ultimate but imaginary master/slave relationship and archaic blood sacrifices? It's complete bullshit designed to herd sheep that welcome wishful thinking gibberish. Here's a much easier way to explain today's oligarchy, fascist nonsense: Play the game of Monopoly with 3 other friends, but start out with these simple but factual rules: Player 1 (representing the oligarchy) gets all the property and 90% of the money, Player 2 (representing the charlatan politicians -- the oligarchy's minions) gets the railroads and the remaining 10% of the money. Player 3 (representing the upper middle class and religious charlatans -- the top 2%) gets the utilities but no money. You (representing the working class, the poor and everyone else) get nothing. See how long it takes for player 1 to win the game!
Gwen Patton (el 19/02/14 a las 5:21 pm)
If anyone ever says "America is a Democracy", disagree with them. It isn't. Or, more properly, it isn't SUPPOSED to be. The more it becomes a Democracy, the less it is what it was designed to be, which is a Republic. But what's the difference? A Republic limits the power of government to promote liberty of the people, through a body of law that is not subject to the whims of the majority. Attempts by the corrupt or the power-hungry to upset this system in favor of a more "majority rules" type of government in actuality is creating a transitional stage towards an oligarchy. The same is true of those who want to "do away with" government, because nature abhors a vacuum, and what will move in is invariably, once again, an oligarchy. This video explains each form and how they mutate, and why all that truly exists are oligarchies and republics as durable states, and why we want one and not the other. We have a Republic...if we can keep it.
Eddie Renfro (el 08/07/14 a las 12:14 am)
The idea you put forth on anarchy is complete rubbish. Doesn't matter the form of government you put in place, its always slavery. People of like minds can live peacefully in a community without dictatorship or threats of violence. Doesn't matter who wishes to lead, having a person on top takes power from a well informed person to go about his life. Native Americans and other native tribes furnished in small tribe/large family units with little law other then natural law and a non aggression principal. Even when faced with threats the didn't need to fall in rank to defend themselves. Every one who was responsible for defense knew the tactics to warfare and would fight without a jack ass with a bugle sounding charge. Crime would lower dramatically because people would naturally find a hole that needs filling, and would feel the value of labor with trade in a truly free market. Anarchy is not chaos, it is not violence, it is not being untrustworthy. Anarchy is freedom based in peace, self worth, and community. Government grows, spends, forces you to divide your hard work for a greater good. Bull shit. Taxation is wrong im all cases. And not necessary in todays open source world. Ive traded labor for goods, labor for labor, goods for labor. And without a government to suppress individuals to express genius and inventiveness then we would all soon flourish. We could run cars on water in the early 90s We can power every house in America for free with tidal energy. Hell in early 1900s a patent was filed for a 100,000 hour light bulb. And it wasn't filled with the toxic waste we have today. Democracy, republic, capitalism, communism, fascism, any-ism all ideas 1000s of years old. Your telling me we haven't yet had a better idea? Or are you still stuck in platos cave watching the shadows on the wall reading the Republic? 
Antonio Vazquez (el 13/10/14 a las 3:58 pm)
There is a monster from the group of evil systems that is still ruling . . . the fck* Fidel Castro.
Jake Cashion (el 11/06/14 a las 9:09 pm)
Awesome, awesome video. This should be required watching before voting, as a matter of fact, this should just be playing on loop outside all polling places.
DAVID LOCKWOOD (el 13/10/14 a las 2:45 am)
Democracy is unproductive Progress is weakened by constant bickering between ideologies 
Antonio Vazquez (el 13/10/14 a las 3:35 pm)
Philly doesn't know that NAZI means National Socialism. How ignorant this man is ?.
bgulotta46 (el 16/09/14 a las 5:21 am)
democracy vs Republic
MarDeVidrio (el 05/09/14 a las 11:35 pm)
Philly Studmuffin you are a complete idiot. The description you give of Nazis is nothing like the 'lunatic right wing' in this country. Since when does the 'tea party' want 'corporations and government to join'? The whole movement is about limiting government and getting them out of corporations way. Therefore the only actual argument you made in your retarded yet long comment is completely ridiculous. About the rest of the video, can you explain how it doesnt make sense or are you just going to say it was full of 'right wing asenine arguments' when in fact it made total logical sense. Lets hear your logical facts to refute their claims. Oh wait, you disabled replies to your comment because youre too stupid to defend your stupidly biased opinions. This country was created to be a democratic republic for very logical reasons and idiots like you have given more and more power to government and we're on our way to ruin just like Rome. 
Matthew Lo (el 01/09/14 a las 3:35 am)
Please everyone, Hong Kong is starting campaign of Democracy against Beijing direct rules. Feel free to leave comment and support us. FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!!!!!!

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