You Can't Trust Science!



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"Science has an agenda! Science is unreliable!" If you've ever heard a religious person say these words, you'll love this video

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GirlDoesRant (el 18/12/13 a las 4:36 am)
Science is the devil! ;)
7891Kman (el 29/12/13 a las 2:30 am)
If God is perfect like believers claim then so is science. 
AppeasingPoet (el 29/12/13 a las 12:22 pm)
Wonderful science, the beautiful manifestation of God's will. Anything that any man ever achieved is the achievement of God because God created Man. Whether it be friction, gravity, antibiotics, or implants, it was God who gave mankind the intellect and resources to "discover" and make these things. Science is God's design. We are simply reconstructing his blue prints and trying to understand them. Therefore, "science" *is* "religion's contribution".
Amps for Buddha (el 05/01/14 a las 3:53 pm)
Here's a question. Has science made us happier? Are we better off as a people, than before? Are we more of a community? In places of the world, where there's less education (less science), are they less happy or happier than other "developed" countries? …okay, so that's four questions.
Branko Dimitrijevic (el 11/12/13 a las 2:48 am)
not realy! DDT nobel prise. offcourse science did done many good things but in terms of our origin it might be so wrong.
XTheGamingBossX (el 01/03/14 a las 12:53 pm)
I have a theory... religion is not truth, rather it is a way to scare people into fitting society. Some bloke decided that the world would be a better place with these things, so he somehow made everyone believe those things, and now we have religion.
Vengeful Sinner (el 25/01/14 a las 9:55 am)
Science asks you questions you can never answer. Religion gives you answers you can never question. Lose-lose situation here.
patman0250 (el 13/03/14 a las 10:30 pm)
science has nothing to do with religion
Christopher Rooney (el 14/03/14 a las 2:12 pm)
Organized Religion has many shortcomings.. but science doesn't automatically cancel out the existence of something greater beyond us. Our self awareness and need to explore and understand our own existence can easily be perceived as divine inspiration. Faith, like Science, is just a framework for people to understand themselves and question the world. Some of it is oversimplified and open to manipulation for people with their own agenda. But the self examination can be valuable to our understanding of the human condition. McDonalds is considered food. But just because you can prove that it is bad for you, it doesn't mean all food is useless. 
Xsion IvyRen (el 18/01/14 a las 8:18 pm)
So people can´t be trusted we are always revising, updating, adjusting and man put the so called words of god on paper therefore the bible can´t be trusted...right? Who know it might have been changed 50 times or 100. 

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