You Can't Trust Science!



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"Science has an agenda! Science is unreliable!" If you've ever heard a religious person say these words, you'll love this video

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Tom Leeds (el 13/06/14 a las 10:18 am)
Here is what I don't get. So many religious minded (brainwashed) people like to point out that many scientific discoveries were made by people who believe in god as if that were some kind of evidence FOR god. AND then they turn around and deny many of the discoveries made by science. Science has nothing to do with religion and it most CERTAINLY has nothing to do with atheism. Science is the search for answers by any method and by anyone who would like to find those answers regardless of their religious beliefs. Now it is true that religious beliefs do get in the way of science because too many people think the results either disprove or displease what ever god they think is real. There is also this misconception that science is part of an atheistic agenda to disprove god while the opposite is certainly true as many have used science to try and prove god, all of which have failed completely. SCIENCE has nothing to do with atheism, the fact that most scientist are atheist only stands to reason because those involved in the sciences are interested in reality, not mythology. Science does not care what you believe, only that you do not let those beliefs influence the results. Chemistry is a good example, there is really no way that religious beliefs can influence chemical reactions. But Biology, if you believe in a creator then you are going to be influence to highlight those things you think supports a creator and hide those things you think disproves a creator and you are apt to try and stop work that you think this creator would not approve of. Religious belief makes things worse, it interferes with progress, education and scientific advancement. It doesn't matter what contribution is made by those who believe there is a god as their contribution is shadowed by those who would stop the work in favor of a religious agenda. Atheism has no agenda because atheism has nothing to prove - WE HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE!!!! Atheism IS because there IS NO proof to speak of, There is NO proof of god and so there are people who do not think there is a god and they have been given the label atheist. WE have NO hold on Science, NO connection to Evolution and NO agenda beyond fighting to keel religious influence OUT OF Government, politics and most importantly Education. RELIGION, not believing there is a god but religion is what makes people stupid because they are so focused in trying to keep anything that they believe disproves god, like evolution an other sciences, out of education that they create uninformed and undereducated people that are dumb out of pure willingness to choose ignorance over reality. Religion wants you to be stupid, wants your kids to be stupid and wants everyone too stupid to see that the shit they are feeding you is in fact shit. They don't want you to understand evolution because if you understand it you might question the garbage that is int he bible that THEY are telling you is true. HOW STUPID do you need to be to argue that the literal mountain of evidence for evolution is no match for a book based on stories that are hundreds and even thousands of years old. How can you trust a religion that tells you the story of Noah is true and then does everything it can to keep you from learning the basic science that shows the story is beyond silly and makes anyone who believe it look like an idiot. Ken Ham wants to be your god, he wants you to believe him above all others. and Joel Olsteen wants to be god and he wants you to believe that god needs your money, of course Olsteen is just one of THOUSANDS that want you to believe god needs your money. Science is THEIR enemy and they will do everything they can to keep you stupid and complacent.
Jordan Ede (el 05/05/14 a las 7:49 am)
If you are a creationist who is against science, you have no right to comment on this video. Without science, you wouldn't be watching this.
Fusion Emcee (el 06/04/14 a las 11:40 am)
Like if you just clicked on this for the thumbnail
Cubic Studios (el 25/01/15 a las 6:26 pm)
*I just went to this video for the comments. Who wants popcorn?*
Blam _ (el 01/06/14 a las 12:34 pm)
Stupid video is stupid. Religion/spirituality and science used to be the same thing. The bible taught to stay away from mould, the vikings and arabs knew that the world wasn't flat, islamic nations also discovered antibiotics, and (plastic) surgery hundreds/thousands of years before western science/scientists. This video is incredibly ethnocentric and doesn't take into account the contributions of religious communities that weren't traditionally white or western.
Sakuragi Rokurouta (el 04/10/14 a las 8:30 pm)
And as for those of you who still refuse to trust science, the next time you get leprosy, follow the Bible. Grab two birds, kill one, soak the other in the dead bird's blood, and sprinkle the blood over your face seven times. If that doesn't work, surely your sincere prayers will move the Lord? 
Chadi Aguassim (el 10/02/14 a las 1:38 am)
I just came because of the thumbnail 
Ben M (el 21/05/14 a las 6:12 pm)
I think it's ok to be atheist but if someone is atheist then don't go round trying to prove everyone else is wrong. Just have your belief and be happy with it. Otherwise you're just being really self centered and let's be honest, if someone's belief gives them happiness, then taking that away is just being a bad person.
beautiful reality (el 26/08/14 a las 10:29 pm)
dear theists if you don t belive in the can"t use the science....Get off the computer NOW ........
fathampton (el 15/12/14 a las 12:44 am)
Come on. Paris Hilton has some measurable talent in something. I mean, she can talk and walk... that counts for something. Talent commensurate with the amount of money she is paid as a "celebrity?" Certainly not, but it is not fair to say she has zero talent.

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