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Bardock Simmer™ (el 12/04/15 a las 6:03 pm)
Recovery was the third best Eminem Album! I swear... (Other than Eminem Show and Marshall Mathers LP)
Eminempicsx (el 01/05/15 a las 2:26 pm)
Eminem is a living Legend
ELZAEEM RAPPER (el 27/02/15 a las 10:32 pm)
who is singing the first part ?
chez russell (el 02/06/15 a las 12:42 pm)
Love.. love.. love.. love... Don't hurt me..don't hurt more young money yeah uh.. Ah throw dirt on me and grow a wildflower But it's fuck the world get a child out her Yeah my life a bitch but you know nothing about her.. been to Been to hell and back I can show you vouchers I'm rolling sweets.. I'm smoking sour (cool tune)
InnA 》 (el 14/05/15 a las 11:43 pm)
No love!!!
Christina Mtz (el 31/05/15 a las 10:14 pm)
Eminem feat lil Wayne No love..💔
Chris Sanchez (el 16/06/15 a las 1:16 pm)
Lt Col Speirs (el 23/11/14 a las 3:16 pm)
Lil Wayne - 241 words in 01:27 minutes Eminem - 415 words in 01:29 minutes
Jeff MusicMan (el 29/04/15 a las 3:25 pm)
*FOR* +Ezequiel Martinez​ 👍
Norvel Mohammed (el 18/05/15 a las 10:31 pm)
Eminem dissed wayne on this song lol, sneaky cuz wayne didnt notice until after the song released

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