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Title track from the 1996 album Killing Joke - Democracy [lyric] You have a choice, we are your voice Red, blue or yellow. We will blow away the green Another five lane motorway (You'll never get a referendum anyway) Funny handshakes. insider dealing Et in arcadia. arcadia ego Backhanders and salamanders A powerhouse that is morally Mechula I'm sorry democracy is changing I'm sorry democracy is changing I'm not a slogan or a badge Or a cross in the ballot box Neither values or objectives You do not represent my deepest Thoughts and wishes Education in obsolete skills Stereotyping and media projection Industrial psychologists Plan a campaign that is financed by Big business You have a choice, we are your voice Red, blue or yellow. We will blow away the green Another five lane motorway (You'll never get a referendum anyway)

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Subido: 11/05/06 a las 9:45 pm
Autor: Roel van der Wal

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Xantar Amone (el 19/10/14 a las 11:02 am)
democracy = dictature 
rococo ACHUP (el 06/04/14 a las 12:35 pm)
Good song(*TT*) 、Nice PV
Francesco Cavallo (el 08/07/14 a las 4:40 pm)
MisAnnThorpe (el 03/12/10 a las 12:01 pm)
Democracy? The greatest con since Christianity
MisAnnThorpe (el 27/01/11 a las 9:28 pm)
@unfit242 That being so, I would imagine the earth did quite literally move........ to the sound of Killing Joke!
longfootbuddy (el 21/02/12 a las 5:01 pm)
@hellchild65 way to defend tyrannical goverments that treat us like slaves, with that typical and stupid speech.. youve been brainwashed well
hellchild65 (el 23/02/12 a las 8:25 pm)
@longfootbuddy but are you really going to judge an empire that lasted hundreds upon hundreds of years and that did sooo much good on problems that every leadership has experianced since the beginning of time. i think all in all, Rome did pretty damn well for the world, to say otherwise is just stupid.
hellchild65 (el 25/02/12 a las 4:22 pm)
@longfootbuddy ignores history, ive shown you actual history lmao, showed you that in no point in time did people live perfectly with no govt, that rome was overall a good thing and that you dont know what the hell your talking about, you probly believe in all that bullshit about the illuminati as well, even tho they died out in the 1700's
longfootbuddy (el 28/02/12 a las 3:07 am)
@hellchild65 you seem to cling to this idea that government keeps us free, but the fact is that it keeps us enslaved.. i know you and most other americans cant think too far ahead, and it may seem abstract when you hear people that actually can think properly and know what this system is doing to us all, try to explain things.. maybe at some point you can come to understand that governments like this dont preserve any beneficial law, but rather destroy good law, and enslave us
Roben Roll (el 05/05/11 a las 11:46 am)
13 people havent' yet understand what Killing Joke is about..

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