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manweller1 (el 03/07/15 a las 2:17 am)
I watched it the other day and I have to say best film ever about football just my opinion 
This Is England (el 09/03/15 a las 8:12 pm)
best football film
Re-view Film (el 22/03/14 a las 3:26 pm)
Sheen seriously deserved an Oscar nomination for this, he makes playing real people his specialty.
Nathan (el 01/05/14 a las 11:49 pm)
Anyone asking what the song is at 1:24 it's Glasvegas - Geraldine
Zack Walker (el 18/02/14 a las 7:43 am)
Reminds me of Doctor who. Bryan Clough does.
1LaneOnly (el 27/03/10 a las 10:18 pm)
Men like Clough, Muhammad Ali & Malcolm X are a rare breed that is almost extinct. Men of honour who spoke without fear. Even a gun to their heads would never make them flinch. Today's world is full of yes men & darn right cowards !!!
mattjax5678 (el 23/11/09 a las 10:30 pm)
saltergate (chesterfield) i understand
captain07234 (el 13/06/09 a las 6:08 am)
Does Michael Sheen now specialize in playing real life figures?
Alex Hübi (el 17/04/12 a las 1:40 am)
What is the song called that starts @ 1:24?
SallyandJohnny (el 27/12/10 a las 5:00 am)
Sheen was brilliant in this one ! <3

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