Manowar - Die For Metal (Music Video)



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The new single from Manowar! Awesome video!

Canal: Music
Subido: 25/03/07 a las 7:22 pm
Autor: andevo

Duración: 04:18
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FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS (el 22/11/14 a las 4:38 am)
*METALYNNE* *FOR HEAVY METAL WE WILL DIE!* *GET YOUR HORNS UP* Now, things have gotten really exciting here in the FNS studio. I am being chased around by security, per usual! There is always something going on when *Metalynne* is in studio. But, hey. This is how metalheads get things done! \m/ Are you worried yet +Sean Cowen ?? *ARTIST*: MANOWAR *SONG*: DIE FOR METAL #METALYNNE #FRIDAYNIGHTSESSIONS #MANOWAR
Jasmina G. (el 27/09/14 a las 7:59 am)
GOOD MORNING FREEDOM....get up...stand up
Ed Zimmer (el 02/10/14 a las 6:20 pm)
Manowar sucks
Ben Wartooth (el 08/11/14 a las 1:44 pm)
I love it when a bunch if metallica loving queers have to come along to complain about the lyrics. Like metallica are any better. "I AM THE TABLE!"
MegaRiqueZ (el 17/10/14 a las 2:09 am)
For those who not understand the lyrics... Well you will never understand because we love METAL! 
RageTMGr (el 07/09/14 a las 10:22 pm)
The lyrics are retarded. How did this band become popular past the ages of 16?
Metayounis (el 18/07/14 a las 4:45 am)
who wrote the lyrics? I'd imagine some 14 years old kid. 
HomOwaR (el 10/11/14 a las 3:17 am)
Everyone knows that ManOwaR are huge fans of Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj!! They are the only TRUE musicians in the world right now. Metal is FALSE, not TRUE!! Anaconda and Dark Horse are TRUE!!!!!!! Thumbs up for TRUE MUSIC!!
Quinn Hunt (el 18/08/14 a las 5:55 pm)
The beginning sounds like Kashmir by led zeppelin
Ruslankillerman (el 15/11/14 a las 3:29 pm)
\m/ \m/

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