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In this Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Trailer, the Flashdeck Stick figures explore just how awesome this upcoming game is going to be. Thanks for watching and please don't re-upload my animations. If you like them, share and subscribe! Facebook! Twitter! This production took about 6 weeks: Directed/Animated/Produced/Edited by Wei Xing Yong - Music and Sound Design by Jonas B. Ingebretsen - Voice Acting by Fernando Zamora - Additional Animation by Aran Saunders - http://aransaunders.blogspot.c... Programs used: Adobe Flash CS3 Adobe After Effects CS5 Counter Strike: GO Trailer CS: GO trailer CS: Global Offensive Trailer Counterstrike trailer

Canal: Film & Animation
Subido: 17/10/11 a las 4:54 pm
Autor: flashdeckanims

Duración: 01:14
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Ultimos comentarios:
Dahway Lin (el 06/11/14 a las 8:53 pm)
I want the Statrak anti-hacker Asiimov :3
KRoMEOS (el 02/11/14 a las 6:28 pm)
ALSO! Do you love how your crappy computer can run Counter-Strike? Be scared of the new shaders that completely make your computer look like trash! :D
sieben (el 14/12/14 a las 5:57 am)
"De_Dust is now.... DUSTIER" Thats pretty accurate.
Danogot516 (el 03/02/15 a las 10:47 am)
Coming 2012.I'm still waiting XD
Steven Ramsey Games (el 19/02/15 a las 1:53 am)
Actually CS:GO isn't that bad, sure it is pretty much CS:S just better, but what counter strike game in the past was a copy of the last one, just updated? (And here comes the hate.)
Legions Typhoon (el 01/11/14 a las 6:35 am)
lagger's connection in CS:GO -9999999999
Mr. Haxminator (el 22/02/15 a las 11:10 pm)
CSGO aiming is much harder than other CS', but I really like CSGO, people saying its shit are mad that their 2003 computers cant run it.
jhon cristopher crisostomo (el 23/02/15 a las 9:27 am)
hey guys who do you think is the best stickman in counter strike DE_dust?i think killer and fd what do you think
Jason Chin (el 06/11/14 a las 3:06 pm)
De_dust is now dustier..? Wtf???
Trenton Warnock (el 27/05/14 a las 4:23 am)
please make an animation of this!

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