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Jeremy Frech (el 19/07/14 a las 4:48 pm)
In light of my much anticpated gorie death, sorry to disappointment , I am alive and well, thanks for all the positive comments Guys! Much appreciated!
Bromoteknada (el 21/06/14 a las 10:43 pm)
Guys bad news.I'm a friend of Jeremy's (the uploader).Unfortunately it's been two years since Jeremy was murdered be these beasts.He used to play with animals but but not when they moved in packs.One day in the construction site he was 'playing' like that with a coyote for like thirty seconds when 2 others appeared and jumped on him.We were running and shouting towards them so they would get off him but he was too far.
Dylan Skinner (el 09/04/15 a las 8:55 am)
This was actually funny 
MrWolfSnack (el 29/05/15 a las 4:04 am)
Coyotes are like foxes, they are theives. They take anything not bolted down that stands out to them. He wanted the guy's camera and boots.
MCbomber1000 (el 18/05/15 a las 11:12 pm)
1:32 Anyone else say to themselves He's Canadian?
Holo (el 03/05/15 a las 4:10 am)
Whoa, that's amazing! I just realized that I've never heard a Canadian curse! Crazy stuff...
Nathan Oakes (el 12/06/15 a las 4:21 am)
"I have no food on me" Um, yes you do. That would be all of you.
Prepared Survivalist (el 14/12/14 a las 9:19 pm)
That's how coyotes hunt. They harass prey and intimidate it into running. Running prey then triggers their attack instinct. They prefer to attack prey that is running away so they can target the hind quarters and rear, thus avoiding being bitten, stomped, or hit. This coyote probably didn't really know what it was doing and was just acting on instinct. I'm sure it's harassed horses, sheep, and other game like this many times before. Clearly it was hungry and didn't have an appreciable fear of humans.
xRainbowpuffs Animaljamvideos (el 28/05/15 a las 4:15 am)
Christian binning (el 02/06/15 a las 1:25 am)
XD he is playing with him xD (There is a little bit of swearing)

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