Sacred Economics - Charles Eisenstein Part 1



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Please check out my new Site : http://consciouscreativeexpres... Charles Eisenstein discusses the dysfunctions of western cultures and how we can heal the situation, especially in the realm of money. Check out his website:

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J Ellsworth Trupiano (el 22/12/13 a las 12:39 am)
Besides being a medium of exchange it is also a store of value and a standard for measuring value. 
Andy Head (el 01/12/13 a las 2:33 am)
"money" is a belief system. It's not needed.
Andrea Dutton (el 21/12/13 a las 4:11 am)
For those whose ADD prevents them from reading the book;) <3
Kevin Baird (el 10/05/11 a las 12:20 am)
Money is the tool to herd the uneducated masses. The pubilc school system is set up to keep the system well stocked. Social networks may help change this.
KO9958 (el 28/03/12 a las 7:19 am)
watched you for less than 5 minutes and I love It..Subscribed =)
outdoorenthusiastBC (el 12/01/12 a las 3:48 pm)
@NoCommentChick Mr.Eisenstein states all problems in the world when one digs a couple of layers down always get to money. In contrast, psychological study after study indicate prosocial, responsibile, caring behaviour are directly linked to a person's level of self-worth. Antisocial/dissociated, behaviour such as working for a weapons manu, knowing the weapons will kill, is the determining cause for that choice of work, not the salary at all.
christineyrose (el 06/05/11 a las 4:57 am)
Thank you for uploading!
egoistorms (el 05/05/11 a las 5:18 pm)
3/3 The first mints were set up N the temples of the gods, whence our word 'money' -- from the mint N the temple of Juno Moneta, Juno the admonisher, on the Capitoline Hill N Rome. Forgery was sacrilege bc the coins embodied the powers of the gods & only the priests could handle such powers; we get the same feeling about counterfeiters 2day, that they R practising an unspeakable usurpation of hallowed powers. The temples, then, were clearinghouses for money transactions, just like banks today.
egoistorms (el 05/05/11 a las 5:13 pm)
1/3 "Currency, then, seems to have had its origin in magic amulets and magic imitations of the sun which were worn or stored because they contained the protecting spirit powers. If gold had any 'utility,' as Hocart says, it was a supernatural utility."
outdoorenthusiastBC (el 12/01/12 a las 3:16 pm)
The fundamental determining factor for human behaviour and choices is ones level of self-esteem, knowing who they are and their authentic self, as Carl Rogers states in Becoming A Person the amount of love one has for themselves reflects in how they treat other living beings as well as themselves. Money is not the cause of antisocial, malajusted behaviour as suggested by Mr. Eisenstein. Level of self-esteem ect... determine the capacity for a highly mature, empathetic individual, or lack of.

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