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Has history been tampered with? Did events and eras such as the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Roman Empire , the Dark Ages, and the Renaissance, actually occur within a very different chronology from what we've been told? Yes, they certainly did! The history of humankind is both drastically shorter and dramatically different than generally presumed. Why is it so? On one hand, it was usual custom to justify the claims to title and land by age and ancestry, and on the other the court historians knew only too well how to please their masters. The so called universal classic world history is a pack of intricate lies for all events prior to the 16th century. It's likely that nobody told you before, but there is not a single piece of firm written evidence or artefact that is reliably and independently dated prior to the 11th century. Naturally, after what you've learned in school and university, you will not easily believe that the classical history of ancient Rome, Greece, Asia, Egypt, China, Japan, India, etc., is manifestly false. You will point accusing finger to the pyramids in Egypt, to the Coliseum in Rome and Great Wall of China etc., and claim, aren't they really ancient, thousands of years ancient? Well, there is no valid scientific proof that they are older than 1000 years! The oldest original written document that can be reliably dated belongs to the 11th century! New research asserts that Homo sapiens invented writing (including hieroglyphics) only 1000 years ago. Once invented, writing skills were immediately and irreversibly put to the use of ruling powers and science. The consensual chronology we live with was essentially crafted in the 16th century by Jesuits. Early in life, we learn by heart the names and deeds of brave warriors, wise philosophers, fabulous pharaohs, cunning high priests and greedy scribes. We learn of gigantic pyramids and sinister castles, kings and queens, dukes and barons, powerful heroes and beautiful ladies, emaciated saints and low-life traitors. Dr debunks not merely the odd pillar, but the total, entire bastion of historical dating, proposing a 700 to 1000 year fictitious "add-on" section between 400 AD and 1100 AD (or larger) & argues that the conventional chronology sequence of almost EVERYTHING is erroneous. Even if partially true this would be scary stuff. Forget forbidden archeology which is for kindergarten....

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Eric Stokes (el 06/10/14 a las 3:20 am)
...don't forget about the giant ruling class race of humans that in the past dominated the currently small humans of today..the historical fact that we wiped out our colossal overlords has been secretly kept unknown to the common man..shame on the Smithsonian.
2serveand2protect (el 31/03/15 a las 11:18 am)
What the HELL is this even about?? What's even THE PURPOSE of this thing? ...oooh, JEEZ!...Sorry! I'm out of here or I'm gonna puke...
David Rice (el 09/09/14 a las 5:31 am)
So,....the whole point of this vid is that we really don't know sh!t?? Geez, I coulda told you that.One thing I do know is we took a first breath, we are gonna take a final breath
innateseed (el 13/05/14 a las 12:58 am)
This persons tripping gtfoh lol
stuart fuins (el 14/05/14 a las 1:43 am)
a thousand years ago one would of bumped into a dinosaur freely today who knows ;)
Jake Kingston (el 06/01/14 a las 6:23 am)
sure maybe they dont tell it how it was cuz winners only rit the history books n they only tell us what they want us to no lol 
snakespot (el 17/02/14 a las 2:34 am)
This is just stupid 
Pi . (el 11/08/13 a las 6:48 am)
HISTORICAL FRAUD?! Some people say that Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, and perhaps even Emperor Constantine were the exact same person written about from different cultural perspectives. How many other such stories can you identify as being similarly identical? *
Cyborg Lincoln (el 10/11/13 a las 6:23 am)
You are in-fucking-sane, my friend.
Robert W (el 04/07/14 a las 5:55 am)
kinda hard to save shit when they kept destroying shit , but people try their best or maybe they (the individual knew maps but everyone drew different till the printing presss 1600 something but those cylinder seal from babalyon are very interesting unlessss what you thionk that was like their version of fiction like star wars and harry potter?

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