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El video: ... NASA Global Warming Facts: 2009 - Second Warmest Year on Record; End of Warmest Decade --- Please SUBSCRIBE to Science & Reason: • --- Global climate change ... NASA's eyes on the Earth: A warming world - global temperature update ... piecing together the temperature puzzle. Each year, scientists at NASA'S Goddard Institute for Space Studies analyze global temperature data. The past year, 2009, tied as the second warmest year since global instrumental temperature records began 130 years ago. Worldwide, the mean temperature was 0.57°C (1.03°F) warmer than the 1951-1980 base period. And January 2000 to December 2009 came out as the warmest decade on record. • --- 2009 was tied for the second warmest year in the modern record, a new NASA analysis of global surface temperature shows. The analysis, conducted by the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York City, also shows that in the Southern Hemisphere, 2009 was the warmest year since modern records began in 1880. Although 2008 was the coolest year of the decade, due to strong cooling of the tropical Pacific Ocean, 2009 saw a return to near-record global temperatures. The past year was only a fraction of a degree cooler than 2005, the warmest year on record, and tied with a cluster of other years — 1998, 2002, 2003, 2006 and 2007 1998 and 2007 — as the second warmest year since recordkeeping began. "There's always an interest in the annual temperature numbers and on a given year's ranking, but usually that misses the point," said James Hansen, the director of GISS. "There's substantial year-to-year variability of global temperature caused by the tropical El Niño-La Niña cycle. But when we average temperature over five or ten years to minimize that variability, we find that global warming is continuing unabated." January 2000 to December 2009 was the warmest decade on record. Throughout the last three decades, the GISS surface temperature record shows an upward trend of about 0.2°C (0.36°F) per decade. Since 1880, the year that modern scientific instrumentation became available to monitor temperatures precisely, a clear warming trend is present, though there was a leveling off between the 1940s and 1970s. The near-record temperatures of 2009 occurred despite an unseasonably cool December in much of North America. High air pressures in the Arctic decreased the east-west flow of the jet stream, while also increasing its tendency to blow from north to south and draw cold air southward from the Arctic. This resulted in an unusual effect that caused frigid air from the Arctic to rush into North America and warmer mid-latitude air to shift toward the north. "Of course, the contiguous 48 states cover only 1.5 percent of the world area, so the U.S. temperature does not affect the global temperature much,' said Hansen. In total, average global temperatures have increased by about 0.8°C (1.5°F) since 1880. "That's the important number to keep in mind," said Gavin Schmidt, another GISS climatologist. "In contrast, the difference between, say, the second and sixth warmest years is trivial since the known uncertainty — or noise — in the temperature measurement is larger than some of the differences between the warmest years." Decoding the Temperature Record: Climate scientists agree that rising levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases trap incoming heat near the surface of the Earth and are the key factors causing the rise in temperatures since 1880, but these gases are not the only factors that can impact global temperatures. • .

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rota cetle (el 20/06/14 a las 1:42 am)
Maybe we should just blow the Earth out of existence. Problem solved, no globe no global warming.
Aanthanur DC (el 15/07/14 a las 2:43 pm)
+juggalo2112 and what caused the last deglaciation? and what feedback amplified the initial warming so all the ice could melt?
J Scott Upton (el 25/06/14 a las 3:44 am)
Wow. This video is just full of mis information.
Natasha Pereira (el 18/06/14 a las 9:20 pm)
First of all they should make Hydrogen fuel cars affordable, stricter rules regarding Air-conditioners,not more than 2 Air-conditioners per house,Plant trees in barren areas, segregation of wet and dry waste, composting, Gobar gas,reduce products, reuse products,recycle products, use of solar heater,solar cooker,solar batteries and recently they have made batteries running from sugar which would likely be made available in 2017. But no one seems to bother.People are so irresponsible.The demand for new products, people keep buying and buying more things. Use of ACs has increased here in my city and its only becoming hotter and hotter every year.
Kim Jinuk (el 08/06/14 a las 2:58 pm)
We only have 1 earth. Lets save it,together!
Mike Hunt (el 05/04/14 a las 11:26 pm)
Your ma ma got dat global warming thing going on! Look at her big ol ass!
Gavin Cherub (el 03/02/14 a las 7:21 am)
edwardtang1977 (el 23/11/13 a las 8:16 am)
have you ever had a bully tring to steal your french fries, and upon saying no and stopping him, he says ."Fries make you fat, you'll die being fat"? Until the west walk the way they talk, we'll assume it's just bullies being bullies. You are just trying to suppress 3rd world from using coal and nuclear power. You yourself fight wars, kill innocent people just to get them! Assuming you love your own life too, and you don't want to die of climate change, you should be an example and do it before everyone else! If you look like you don't give a damn yourself, why should the 3rd world beleive you?
MrCathlicnun (el 10/01/14 a las 6:07 am)
Just to let you liberals know, January 7 ALL states recorded temperature under 32 F
Kea bird (el 28/03/14 a las 9:08 pm)
I think they are confusing predictions with facts. 

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