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Peavey T27 (el 18/01/15 a las 1:48 pm)
I’m a 58 year old geezer who has been into computers since they were 1st introduced to the public years ago. I recently decided to study multimedia at a local college just because it’s interesting…well watching videos about multimedia videos generally isn’t but you did a great job partner. I was smiling the whole way. Interesting as well as entertaining.
Shantanu Jain (el 09/11/14 a las 11:26 am)
Really loved the video.. awesome work
a bay (el 25/12/13 a las 3:53 pm)
Cool. Vid. Good personality. :)
Andrea Borjesson (el 06/02/14 a las 1:33 am)
good job. I like your voice. My professor actually had me watch this video as a part of an assignment. So yeah, you have made it! 
MrsChetBaker555 (el 13/12/09 a las 11:34 pm)
Has Dan been on Millionaire yet?
onubv (el 16/12/09 a las 5:08 pm)
the background song is so FUCK UP!
Cody Copping (el 12/12/09 a las 12:55 am)
you know i think that same thing happened to me
pontusha (el 11/12/09 a las 11:23 pm)
DDollaz96 (el 12/12/09 a las 4:09 am)
y do u call it a doobly doo [{again} if necessary] ?
Leah MacVie (el 31/10/12 a las 11:40 pm)
Dan thanks again for a fabulous video... from 2009. Still extremely relevant today in 2012. I am citing it for a paper!

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