What is New Media?



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Subido: 09/12/09 a las 8:04 pm
Autor: Dan Brown

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Glísia Souza (el 15/01/13 a las 10:20 am)
At same time a nice explanation about new media and a great example of Video Blog. Enjoy!!!! What is New Media? What is New Media?
a bay (el 25/12/13 a las 3:53 pm)
Cool. Vid. Good personality. :)
Andrea Borjesson (el 06/02/14 a las 1:33 am)
good job. I like your voice. My professor actually had me watch this video as a part of an assignment. So yeah, you have made it! 
Matt Rai (el 15/03/12 a las 8:14 pm)
The new shift from traditional mediums to new mediums. Meaning the new mediums being blogs, youtube, websites, apple tv..etc. Traditionally the audience receives information and not much interaction is used. Where today people can interact and work with the information given.
hannah august (el 20/01/13 a las 11:19 pm)
I viewed a YouTube video on “New Media”. New Media is primarily based on online platforms like, podcasts, blogs and YouTube. In the new media world you are in control “at the heart of all media is the relationship between entertainer and audience and the relationship determines the media”. The media is define around who is viewing and interacting with the media. The community responds to what is being posted online, the interaction from posting on the internet is the difference between new and old media and the audience members. Having new media is progressive and will continually change, its even changing now to work with what society needs the media for. #ENG252
aAshi Gambhir (el 15/01/13 a las 10:21 am)
At same time a nice explanation about new media and a great example of Video Blog. Enjoy!!!! What is New Media? What is New Media?
sprkkswillfly (el 16/12/09 a las 12:56 am)
you are one of the smartest people i have ever come across in my life!. great job Dan. thats one reason why i love youtube. i can make "internet" friends that i dont have in the real world. and i love when people watch and enjoy my videos.
MrsChetBaker555 (el 13/12/09 a las 11:34 pm)
Has Dan been on Millionaire yet?
mysticmommy3 (el 03/12/10 a las 2:30 pm)
Very entertaining!!! And I agree. We need more people getting together and "spitting" their ideas at each other. That not only gives us a multitude of ideas and projects, but it brings us together as people. At this point in our history....that's something that is seriously lacking!!!
onubv (el 16/12/09 a las 5:08 pm)
the background song is so FUCK UP!

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