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Kelly Minuzzo (el 29/06/15 a las 2:39 am)
Don't fuck with dad! Haha
Ashley Hatchootah (el 01/05/15 a las 6:38 pm)
I can see you're sad, even when you smile, even when you laugh, I can see it in your eyes...
Sam (el 19/06/15 a las 7:26 pm)
Listened to it after a long time & it still touched my heart he's such a caring dad😭😭😃😃
Jeff MusicMan (el 24/04/15 a las 11:55 pm)
*AND YOU GOT ME* +Nicola Vickery​!😘
KiwiSmasher44 (el 01/05/15 a las 2:13 am)
Slim Shady makes you laugh, Eminem makes you think, Marshal Mathers makes you cry
Abby Johnson (el 28/04/15 a las 3:44 am)
Wow, this has so much emotion and meaning to it. I don't usually listen to hip hop, but this is amazing. I don't know much about the hip hop scene but i now see why everyone says he is better than 90% rappers these days.
So _ Totally _ Not _ Faika (el 13/06/15 a las 3:31 am)
lmao this is my fav line from this song XDD "and if that ring don't shine and that bird don't sing, *imma break that birdie's neck*" :3
Shoaz don (el 07/06/15 a las 2:10 pm)
I dont know why everyone hates lil wayne. If he is so shit then why does em make music with him. Go and listen to a few lil wayne songs like mirror, god blesss America and president carter. then youll know why he is a lyricist.
EmilPlays (el 12/04/15 a las 7:43 pm)
Is the song based on a True story?
Tiana Is Awesome (el 22/06/15 a las 10:51 pm)
Eminem is one of the best rappers. Ever.

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