Peter Schiff Talks to the 1 Percent! "We're not even near the bottom yet!"



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"You Got this Occupy Wall Street crowd that wants to have a communist revolution," says investment guru and outspoken defender of free enterprise Peter Schiff, "but hopefully we can have more of a free-market...second American revolution and understand all the pain we're about to endure is because of government. It's not because of capitalism." Schiff caused a sensation last month when he visited New York's Zuccotti Park and argued with Occupy Wall Street protesters about the causes of and solutions to the Great Recession. In this video, he talks to "the 1 Percent," a group of wealthy individuals who gathered recently in the Bel Air home of Judd Weiss. Regardless of his audience, Schiff's message in entirely consistent: Cronyism and government policies have distorted the economy and "we're not even near the bottom yet" in terms of the downturn. About 6 minutes. Shot by Sharif Matar and Tracy Oppenheimer and edited by Oppenheimer. To watch other Schiff videos and all of's Occupy Wall Street (and LA and DC!) videos, go to Go to for downloadable versions of our videos and subscribe to's YouTube channel to get automatic notification when new material goes live. Earlier this month

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QuantumBunk (el 03/04/15 a las 10:42 am)
I love it how these jackass "journalists" assume there's always some nice cushy 'recovery,' safety net at the end of the tunnel. Bunch of cage raised gerbils.
Brian Krol (el 28/06/14 a las 9:34 am)
Peter Schiff the CON man
Pinky Green (el 06/07/14 a las 1:52 pm)
You can look at Schift's shifty eyes and tell he's lying. The guy is a scumbag. I can't believe people are still listening to his bullshtt
isaysee (el 01/04/14 a las 4:57 pm)
- I get it - We get rid of Government Oversight so that CorporateAmerica can have free reign to starve The UnderClass to death . That way it will be so easy for US to identify the TruelyNeedy - *provided that they are wearing DogTags or some other means of identification . . . . BRILLIANT - WHAT A GENIUS CONCEPT - amazing that no one has ever thought of that before . . . oh no wait ! - - that's not such an original idea after all . . . There where others .. I can't recall who at the moment but I'm sure it will come to me - - I know it wasn't Jesus - or Gandhi - - it wasn't either of the Roosevelts - - it wasn't Abraham Martin or John - nor was it Lennon - - NO - not THAT Lennon smart ass - the other Lennon - 
Barry Kelly (el 04/01/14 a las 5:51 pm)
Initially I thought Peter was drunk but I think he's just tired. :)
TheStig000 (el 20/02/12 a las 12:36 am)
@kal9990 There are evil people and ignorant people in government. There are no truly good people who would support the US Government. Look at what it does, why would you want to be associated with a criminal organization?
glanemann (el 14/05/12 a las 11:08 pm)
That makes no sense whatsoever.
Graham Dwek (el 21/02/12 a las 1:29 pm)
@arka67 It is freedom that caused the financial crisis zero government regualations. Do you honestly want 10 bankruptcies in the next century as the banks are still making stupid bets.To be honest no human is free to do many actions do to religion and also government. There are certain things the free market cannot be involved in and that healthcare and education
23lFrench (el 13/04/12 a las 2:59 pm)
Errrm Peter Joseph refuted every one of Stefan Molyneux's critiques of Zeitgeist and owned him so badly... how can you even say he ducked him....
bullpcp (el 13/06/12 a las 3:54 pm)
Give a system or entity the power of life or death and all will attempt to curry favor from it.

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