SANTA HATES POOR KIDS - (Your Favorite Martian music video)



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Subido: 08/12/11 a las 12:04 am
Autor: Yourfavoritemartian

Duración: 03:55
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Da Fuqin Brony (el 14/12/14 a las 12:09 pm)
Poor Santa. Just like with God, it's humans that fuck up and yet HE gets the blame.
Bonita Rose (el 06/09/14 a las 5:43 pm)
Santa hates poor kids (Kenny) and now Jews too!?! (Kyle) OMG! Cartman grows up to be the New Santa!?! Santa: Fat asshole.
RealRainbowRapidash (el 15/01/15 a las 6:20 am)
Would it be weird to admit I had a crush on Benatar when I was younger? 
Crazy Geek Gamer (el 27/11/14 a las 6:55 am)
Like this comment! Ohhh that's good...
Lisa Black (el 29/10/14 a las 3:10 pm)
He's also racist against Muslims and Africans
Luiz Alex Phoenix (el 25/12/14 a las 9:25 am)
No better timing to watch this than Christmas
foksiokiller (el 23/12/14 a las 4:27 pm)
2011: ✓ 2012: ✓ 2013: ✓ 2014: ✓ ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)
zek pewd123 (el 24/12/14 a las 9:11 pm)
Jesus is being very generous enough to go give us his birthday but now a days all kids think that Christmas is about presents when its about his birth
The Furry Gamer~ (el 30/12/14 a las 1:32 am)
I bet cloppers want the stripper pony XD
StereoTypicalGaming (el 10/01/15 a las 8:59 am)
In my opinion, this is the best song they made before it all went downhill.....R.I.P. YFM.

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