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jess malone (el 02/06/15 a las 7:04 am)
My mind went for The Who. Great music during most of my life has come from this band. The mood is perfect for some mental traveling (lol)...Letting the music take over...Enjoy G + friends
GrayWoIf (el 13/12/14 a las 5:02 pm)
Can't wait to see them on the 50th anniversary tour next year
Ink Black (el 11/05/15 a las 5:24 am)
Fuck the Rolling Dullards - this is the best rock band that England has ever produced. The WHO LEGEND!
epiphany difference (el 25/06/15 a las 7:11 pm)
Saw them in Atlanta in the Second "Quadrophenia" tour. They played the whole movie on a screen, and They played songs from the movie live. Incredible and magical night. Roger did most of the talking to the people there, and he is very kind to the fans. The whole band is really into the fans. I hope I get to see them again. If you can go see them, you will be happy you did. Great upload.
Vezonmodder (el 30/01/15 a las 11:30 am)
These guys still have a lot of energy. Always great to see that.
Vinnie V (el 24/04/15 a las 7:56 pm)
scott sailer (el 04/03/15 a las 6:31 am)
So happy Pete started playing elecric again. I guess thats the beauty of In Ear monitors.
deathmetaldouglas69 (el 13/05/15 a las 10:14 pm)
As a bassist myself I recognized the ox as a bass god early on. What I do not get is Pete Townsend not being recognized as a great LEAD guitarist. Whether it is a SG, Tele or Strat he always sounds ace!
Thundergod129 (el 22/05/15 a las 7:41 am)
Is it me or does the synthesizer on Bargain lag a little?
Duke Peter Townsend (el 22/06/15 a las 10:34 am)
Lyrics brilliant and ,God can that man play

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