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One of the Best Performances of all time Albert Hall Check out John's solo on 5'15 at 1:40:35 on video 0:00:00 - I Can't Explain 0:02:34 - Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere 0:07:14 - Pinball Wizard 0:11:13 - Relay 0:19:30 - My Wife 0:26:55 - The Kids Are Alright 0:34:36 - Bargain 0:41:30 - Magic Bus 0:51:32 - Who Are You 0:58:39 - Baba O'Riley 1:05:29 - Drowned 1:11:54 - Heart To Hang Onto 1:16:53 - So Sad About Us 1:21:14 - I'm One 1:24:31 - Behind Blue Eyes 1:28:20 - You Better Bet 1:34:12 - The Real Me 1:40:34 - 5'15 1:52:43 - Won't Get Fooled Again 2:02:24 - Substitute 2:05:48 - Let's See Action 2:11:10 - My Generation 2:16:39 - See Me Feel Me

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Subido: 24/08/08 a las 9:15 pm
Autor: mstrsail

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Michael Garcia (el 18/09/14 a las 5:00 am)
At least Pete's not playing inside an aquarium like he was when I saw them. That was obnoxious. Also, that drummer's just fine. Quit comparing him to Keith Moon. It's 2014, I think we can move past that now.
TheWhoLive73 (el 23/08/14 a las 4:30 am)
Without Moon "The Who" would not be as successful as they are today....Moon was not just a Great Drummer he was the spark that the band needed back in "64'..." Moon"Took Pete and John, Roger to a level that no other band can match its Intensity. Once Moonie joined they had a full house every night and the female fan base went up drastically as Moon as there "Pin up Boy". Back in the Day Moon was like the leading man but on the drums but the Camera back in the 60s to low 70s had Moon front and center because of his unique style and Bazaar personality and stamina, exactly what Roger and Pete Needed desperately... Anybody can make a Album in the studio, but when you go Live you can Make or Break it. The "67" Smothers Brother show followed by 'The Monterey pop Festival" and Woodstock with the release of Tommy put The Who in a class by its self. In "1973' The Who were dubbed 'The Greatest Rock-n-roll band in the world" Rolling Stone Magazine 1973" Edition..
xsnrg714 (el 18/08/14 a las 3:19 pm)
About as close to the Last Great Performance they were able to render, and did so with full abandon! I was part of the Super Bowl Halftime performance they did in Miami, and trust me, it was not pretty on the ears... But this video performance was spectacular. BTW, Zak was on drums at the SB, and rocked it hard.
Asher Zeiger (el 28/09/14 a las 12:29 pm)
Does anyone know when this show was?
Stephen Taylor (el 28/06/14 a las 3:08 pm)
This concert PROVES that there's a God! (not really)
Thundergod129 (el 04/10/14 a las 7:59 am)
This has to be one of the last performances by The Ox, simply awesome....
PillCosby (el 25/06/14 a las 7:21 pm)
If there was only one rock band, it would have to be the Who for me.
Jimmy Tee Rex (el 17/04/14 a las 1:38 am)
This drummer is good, but has nothing on Keith. Also, no I Can See For Miles? One of their best songs
James Thurling (el 22/11/14 a las 1:47 pm)
who is the cunt singing with them during substitute he's fucking awful.
Thundergod129 (el 04/10/14 a las 7:55 am)
Is it just me or is the synth on Bargain a bit off beat?

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