Peter Joseph Speaks @ Occupy LA | Occupy Wall St Oct 15 '11 [The Zeitgeist Movement]



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Peter Joseph of The Zeitgeist Movement speaking at Occupy LA (Occupy Wall ST) Oct 15 2011 http://www.thezeitgeistmovemen...

Canal: Nonprofits & Activism
Subido: 16/10/11 a las 3:53 am
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Dana Hawk (el 24/03/14 a las 3:59 am)
I Think Christianty Is Very Important No On Social Sytem .
stupidreligionz (el 12/11/13 a las 2:04 pm)
burn this retarded crowd and the new youtube comment section. so sad both
BoomBrusher (el 05/11/13 a las 3:12 am)
Peter Joseph Speaks @ Occupy LA | Occupy Wall St Oct 15 '11 [The Zeitgeist Movement] - YouTube
Tim Giangiobbe (el 27/11/11 a las 12:03 am)
dedude is RIGHT their MINDS need Cartoons and YOUTUBES it is crazy that FACTS do not suffice.I appreciate the premise but TOO much is too much.I find that out when I blog someday's I just "Rant ON" way too long and Lose the point some days and keep focused other days
CntthnkO15 (el 23/03/13 a las 9:05 am)
That ego, bring it down a notch, bro.
chippprrr (el 05/02/12 a las 11:42 pm)
Check out Myron C. Fagon about occupy and government instigated astroturfs
Blankname101 (el 10/01/12 a las 4:44 am)
@dedude7 You got a point not everyone can see the main points of what he is saying.
Strangepete (el 24/05/13 a las 12:44 pm)
me 2 we are all in this shit together.
chippprrr (el 31/01/12 a las 3:50 am)
@SuperTruthhunter Yeah, i know. The best at times that we as humans can do was the the very worst. This brings out the true character of God in all His perfection.
heffenuts (el 07/03/12 a las 2:44 am)
@rustyrt 1) you don't have to go along with it 2) based on your reply you seem to lack understandings of what TZM is actually promoting. No where does TZM advocate violence. Contemporary economics systems cannot sustain themselves. Resource based, steady state, open source economics will arise out of necessity to survive. Learn more about resource based economics before making gross comparisons of our goals to Hitlers'.

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