Peter Joseph Speaks @ Occupy LA | Occupy Wall St Oct 15 '11 [The Zeitgeist Movement]



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Peter Joseph of The Zeitgeist Movement speaking at Occupy LA (Occupy Wall ST) Oct 15 2011 http://www.thezeitgeistmovemen...

Canal: Nonprofits & Activism
Subido: 16/10/11 a las 3:53 am
Autor: TZMOfficialChannel

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Dana Hawk (el 24/03/14 a las 3:59 am)
I Think Christianty Is Very Important No On Social Sytem .
Jeremy Peterson (el 05/11/13 a las 3:12 am)
BoomBrusher (el 05/11/13 a las 3:12 am)
Peter Joseph Speaks @ Occupy LA | Occupy Wall St Oct 15 '11 [The Zeitgeist Movement] - YouTube
Pierre Combe (el 22/04/13 a las 10:32 am)
stupidreligionz (el 12/11/13 a las 2:04 pm)
burn this retarded crowd and the new youtube comment section. so sad both
Tim Giangiobbe (el 27/11/11 a las 12:03 am)
dedude is RIGHT their MINDS need Cartoons and YOUTUBES it is crazy that FACTS do not suffice.I appreciate the premise but TOO much is too much.I find that out when I blog someday's I just "Rant ON" way too long and Lose the point some days and keep focused other days
CntthnkO15 (el 23/03/13 a las 9:05 am)
That ego, bring it down a notch, bro.
chippprrr (el 05/02/12 a las 11:42 pm)
Check out Myron C. Fagon about occupy and government instigated astroturfs
Blankname101 (el 10/01/12 a las 4:44 am)
@dedude7 You got a point not everyone can see the main points of what he is saying.
Strangepete (el 24/05/13 a las 12:44 pm)
me 2 we are all in this shit together.

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