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LOLroll (el 06/04/15 a las 2:56 pm)
I wish this was 2.5D fighter because I always have trouble doing Fatalities. I always preferred 2D fighting games. Nonetheless, this is an underrated game.
JUMBO DEUCE (el 06/06/15 a las 11:21 am)
I'm pretty sure this is how the idea of this game came to be... Midway - "Hey we need something like Marvel vs. Capcom, hmm I got it Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe lets see if DC is in". DC - "Yea that sounds great, we'll do it on one condition. Midway - "What?" DC - "Your guys can't rip our guys heads off". Midway - "Oh ok we'll just slap a T rating on it".
xxVikingsBloodxx (el 22/12/14 a las 5:23 am)
OMG you predicted the future. aquaman was in the next game they released and he sank his opponents and fed them to sharks (mark said fish) aweeesome!!
Sam (el 05/10/14 a las 6:49 pm)
Although the game isn't as bloody as other MKs out there, I still really enjoyed it. And I love DC characters. It's really just missing an M-rating, but it's not a deal-breaker for me like it is a for a lot of others.
SniperWalde Angel (el 22/04/15 a las 3:20 am)
to tell the truth i really did not like that game cause they took away what mortal kombat was (gored and killing) i really wanted that scorpion cuts batmants head or sub zero freezing superman and boom. I really think that the dc fans did not want to see that but man you cannot take away mortal kombats special thing i was really disappoinment and a waste of money
megafox2x2 (el 18/11/14 a las 5:00 am)
is he being sarcastic in this i feel like hes being sarcastic
Dr. Drake. (el 11/10/14 a las 10:28 am)
Took me six hours to complete this.
Rakiarmas (el 10/09/14 a las 5:53 pm)
This was one of those very first games I bought with my PS3. I love fighting games very much & I had to get this, when I saw it on the shelf. MK VS DS isn't a perfect fighting game, but I do enjoy playing it. Playing it isn't a problem either, since I have played PS2 Mortal Kombat games a'lot in the past. It's sad that MK VS DC wasn't a success, because I love the VS idea, putting two different franchise against each other.
Rekall _ (el 17/05/15 a las 8:04 am)
i cant stand these *pof* *pof* sounds when you hit somthing in these new MK's (it ssomething that occurs in other recent games as well).
xCr00k3Dx (el 24/05/14 a las 4:17 pm)
Crushed by a Midway arcade machine... Scorpion exclaiming "What sorcery is this!?" Seems legit. You can really tell how this game later influenced Injustice & MK2011, though.

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