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SUB to our new YT channel: "Grave Encounters 2" Trailer is here: Get GE1 on iTunes or Amazon - Grave Encounters is probably the best indie horror film you haven't heard of yet - coming on Aug 25th 2011 on VOD / Itunes and Select theaters in the U.S. Demand the movie now: Facebook: Website: http://www.graveencountersthri... A reality TV show about ghost hunting goes terribly wrong when the crew enters a psychiatric hostpital. Coming on 2011 Directed By: The Vicious Brothers Produced By: Shawn Angelski Starring: Sean Rogerson, Merwin Mondesir, Ashleigh Gryzko, Mackenzie Gray, Juan Riedinger

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Autor: horrornymphs

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horrornymphs (el 17/01/14 a las 1:16 pm)
we've got a neat SNAPCHAT feed....add user 'horrornymphs'
şahin salman (el 21/07/14 a las 1:39 pm)
thevizualassassin (el 03/05/14 a las 12:38 pm)
Just watched it. The only scary thing about this movie was the horrible acting!
PikachuWithAGun (el 30/12/13 a las 9:29 pm)
Holy shit that is scary. I named my "Youtube show" as Ghost Encounters and the name is pretty similar (I don't have any episodes yet) But the #1 thing I do NOT want to do is watch this the day before I get locked down in Waverly Hills Sanatorium.
fckcom (el 13/11/13 a las 4:08 am)
i thought this was a tv show
wreyoG (el 19/05/14 a las 8:46 pm)
1:48 really bad special effects
NOOB GAMING (el 14/12/13 a las 4:21 pm)
1:50 Jesus fucking christ that bit ;.; 
Phil Irwin (el 04/01/14 a las 4:36 pm)
Grave Encounters 1 and 2 is found footage done amazingly. It has done the genre justice in ways that hasn't happened since Blair Witch Project. Even the highly lampooned Grave Encounters 2 is fucking brilliant in its commitment to the amateur style of shooting, the characters and more because, let's face it, those fuckers in GE2 embody SOME kind of asshole you know in college. And people keep going on about the first film not being scary, they don't understand the context of the first film and the horror element it taps into. Having played a game that uses the EXACT same element, albeit under different circumstances, I found its treatment of that horror element handled brilliantly, as it is clear the producers went into the film knowing EXACTLY how to pull it off properly. Just, don't base your expectations off the trailer. Go into the film cold, enjoy the slow build up of tension and when THAT moment happens, when the movie finally shows you the first card it has in its hand... You'll be on the ride and unable to get off.
Перчик Гриффин (el 07/12/13 a las 5:26 pm)
kewon conner (el 07/04/14 a las 5:18 am)
This is my most scariest movie I've seen sense I was young, was probably 13 when I saw this, I didn't even sleep for a week, 1:53 is why I was terrified 

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