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oneraceonedestiny (el 16/08/12 a las 11:02 pm)
this is just swamp gases refracting the light from venus.
samuel sanchez (el 09/09/12 a las 10:05 pm)
If the world endzz I'm blamin the illuminati
Nicolas LaMorte (el 03/09/12 a las 7:12 am)
Do you not know what the Nazca lines are?
branden Seguritan (el 26/08/12 a las 11:35 pm)
when ever theres a flying saucer everybody thinks is a ufo actually its chuck norris's frisbees still in the air
sabirwolfknight (el 15/08/12 a las 1:46 am)
yeah, it's part of the Nazca lines
Ben Small (el 27/07/12 a las 8:29 am)
they're drawing their city plans that they will carry out after we all die off! or they'll kill us off themselves. YAY :D !
Wayworld01 (el 22/10/12 a las 7:10 am)
There is an inedible amount of proof that Aliens have been visiting Earth for thousands if not millions of years. Now days with everyone having a cell phone camera it is difficult to keep up with the reports. Credible witnesses, military and police footage, abductions, deaths, mutilations, crop circles. How much evidence does an interested person need? Light up a big fat one buddy and check it out, or don't. We are not alone.
Raynor9899 (el 29/07/12 a las 12:22 pm)
What is that you posted here?
FJ XPAT (el 20/09/12 a las 3:23 am)
Looks like a flying saucer to me.

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