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Canal: Comedy
Subido: 01/12/11 a las 1:19 am
Autor: CollegeHumor

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Doga Pamuklar (el 20/06/14 a las 4:33 am)
Why can't every body just be taxed a set percentage of their income, regardless of how much said income is?
Liberater4589 (el 13/03/14 a las 1:10 am)
"there are some laws that still effect us" bitch please you can murder 4 people and paralyze another and get no punishment
JF Moo (el 08/05/14 a las 4:57 pm)
'''''''''' just testing, i think i broke this key.
HaloAndMinecraftFtw (el 01/05/14 a las 3:00 am)
Someone working at the register of McDonalds shouldn't be making as much money as the CEO.
DrJohnZoidberg125 (el 10/03/14 a las 2:59 am)
The 1% should die
blaz podrzaj (el 15/04/14 a las 5:49 pm)
Why is everyone so upset over this whole 1% thing? Instead of being a cunt who blames others for your own failure do something with your own life. i bet that half of the people who complain about this think they deserve to have way more than they actually do.
Devon Ziegler (el 20/03/14 a las 5:12 am)
To everyone hating the 1%: I guarantee you would be just like that if you worked your tail off for your money. Most rich people worked hard for what they have, and now people are starting to think its not fair ? This is real life, not preschool.
Kevderp123 (el 04/04/14 a las 8:44 am)
Ah, the crimes of capitalism. GO COMMUNISM!!!
natwat123 (el 28/02/14 a las 12:45 am)
I'm from England and I don't think we have the "1%" would someone mind telling me what it means or perhaps link me a video that explains what it is.
howie3601 (el 31/03/14 a las 10:38 pm)
Now wait a second its there money though they worked for it. Everyone has the same amount of chance to earn money.

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