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Canal: Comedy
Subido: 01/12/11 a las 1:19 am
Autor: CollegeHumor

Duración: 02:39
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tacocookie1015 (el 31/05/14 a las 7:32 pm)
Millionaires deserve their money. They worked hard for it. 
bacon bowl (el 07/08/14 a las 7:51 am)
just in everyone who actually supports shitty rich people doesnt realise that a good amount of poor people have college degrees but still get low income jobs. that the minimum wage was created for people to be able to live off it.
Doga Pamuklar (el 20/06/14 a las 4:33 am)
Why can't every body just be taxed a set percentage of their income, regardless of how much said income is?
Grammar Nazi Party (el 25/05/14 a las 11:09 pm)
wtf YouTube added a weird sound when you like comments...
Lily (el 26/06/14 a las 2:45 pm)
Why should someone who is unemployed get the same amount of money as someone who does work?
HaloAndMinecraftFtw (el 01/05/14 a las 3:00 am)
Someone working at the register of McDonalds shouldn't be making as much money as the CEO.
H Cooper (el 10/08/14 a las 7:33 am)
But if we take from the rich, they won't invest In new things and buy the newest and greatest things. Think, when the camera and TV came out, it was SUPER expensive and no one could buy it other than the rich. Then they could afford to make it cheaper for everyone else. If those rich people were worried about their money and not being able to pay for their expensive items they worked hard for, they wouldn't buy it. So what if people never bought the camera due to it being way too pricey? The rich do give to the economy. They pay for the high paying jobs at fancy places. And most donate good amounts of money. They worked hard for it. Here's a thought. What happens when they aren't super rich either? Everyone will sink lower. They don't have endless money you know. Like damn. 
Kevderp123 (el 04/04/14 a las 8:44 am)
Ah, the crimes of capitalism. GO COMMUNISM!!!
eli komadina (el 11/07/14 a las 2:39 pm)
Why would rich people be taxed more? They earned their money, not just to have it taken away by the government.
blaz podrzaj (el 15/04/14 a las 5:49 pm)
Why is everyone so upset over this whole 1% thing? Instead of being a cunt who blames others for your own failure do something with your own life. i bet that half of the people who complain about this think they deserve to have way more than they actually do.

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