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The Troll Of Trolliness (el 22/12/14 a las 5:43 pm)
Plot Twist! Mondo cloned Flaky and made the clone do all the stunts in this episode. The real Flaky did all the simple non-violent parts of this episode. There, are you happy now, all you butthurt Flaky fans?!
The Troll Of Trolliness (el 03/01/15 a las 3:10 am)
OH! I HAVE A BETTER TWIST ENDING! At the end... *Flaky takes off her Oculus Rift "Hm, so THAT's what skiing is like." *she adds the fear of skiing to her list of phobias
Cuber (el 25/10/14 a las 9:29 pm)
We only care about the deaths of Sniffles and Flaky. The other characters' deaths we don't give a fack about.
Thomson Anthony (el 10/06/15 a las 5:21 am)
flaky is so adorable when he is in pain or dead.
Official Chica the Chicken Clockwork (el 07/04/15 a las 5:14 am)
Poor Flaky.... I wanna cry...
foxy the pirate fox and a little pony (el 23/04/15 a las 11:33 am)
Omg flaky's cry is adorable his face is to CUTE!!!!!!!!!
00yoshi (el 03/05/15 a las 7:46 pm)
3:04 flippy face
The Troll Of Trolliness (el 03/01/15 a las 2:24 am)
Nailed it 
Jhonny Mark (el 31/03/15 a las 7:21 pm)
Now this is the show I can get used to.
Sonintexbox (el 11/06/15 a las 5:28 pm)
This episode is one of the inspirations of me making a fanfiction about HTF. I've made it so Flaky is actually a doctor, but she's still paranoid about everything. She's also scared of everything because her parents were murdered right in front of her eyes when she was very little...

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