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Ultimos comentarios:
jomaddy (el 11/01/12 a las 5:21 pm)
hope you all get what your owed!
MrRIASTRAD (el 11/01/12 a las 3:11 pm)
your making history here, solidarity from Belfast!
minipip (el 12/01/12 a las 7:32 pm)
Great thing you're doing! Solidarity from Sweden
MissVioletPurple (el 12/01/12 a las 5:19 pm)
Fight for your rights! Don't lose hope.
socrev2012 (el 12/01/12 a las 6:07 pm)
Fight on!
WhatCrass (el 11/01/12 a las 5:57 pm)
Solidarity from America! Keep up the fight, keep up the struggle!
greenphoenix17 (el 11/01/12 a las 5:52 pm)
Good on ye!
MissKapsel (el 12/01/12 a las 10:46 am)
Solidarity from London. Online Order Processor,we are sack like you.Don"t give up!Well done!!!1
NicosMind (el 11/01/12 a las 5:24 pm)
If youre contracted to it, and youve honestly worked for it then youre entitled to it. So an occupation shouldnt be necessary either they give you your money or theyre taken to court.
caroline holding (el 11/01/12 a las 4:40 pm)
you're so cool!

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