WHITE BOY WASTED feat. Dumbfoundead - (Your Favorite Martian music video)



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Just a good ol' fashioned drinking song. ;) DOWNLOAD THE MP3: http://itunes.apple.com/us/alb... Check out more of Dumbfoundead: http://www.youtube.com/dumbfou... OUR FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/urfavo...

Canal: Music
Subido: 01/03/12 a las 1:48 am
Autor: Yourfavoritemartian

Duración: 04:05
Valoración: 4.584768
Vistas: 8395871


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Ultimos comentarios:
Justin Yancey (el 25/09/14 a las 6:33 am)
WE MISS YOU YFM. always loved your music, its sad that there wont be anymore, whatever your reason for discontinuing is :/
Trippy Marshmallow (el 09/10/14 a las 12:26 am)
After watching this a millions times, I just now realize that at 0:21, Axel is licking GIA. ewe [YFMTS Episode 6]
ModTribe (el 11/10/14 a las 6:23 pm)
U guys 8 am nine and I understand wyat there saying so yeah I am still in elementary but I still understand this.
Alexia Mccullough (el 04/01/15 a las 7:47 pm)
i HAvent heard this song in soooo long I forgot how funny it was XD I love it
Geo Marko (el 20/01/15 a las 2:35 am)
wait a minute DEEJAYS not white but hes in this...
Eddie Rodriguez (el 29/01/15 a las 12:14 pm)
i just realized that the frat's name is keg
Anthony Sanchez (el 04/01/15 a las 5:40 am)
The last song before it was all about relationships and depressions of life
Ailawna Jones (el 29/01/15 a las 5:45 am)
They good omg bro and funny and can rap ok
jalen hayes (el 28/12/14 a las 5:51 am)
this song sounds racist but its still awesome
tyronne truell (el 08/01/15 a las 9:15 pm)
I wish yfm would come back. If it would have kept going it probably be on Tv

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